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  • ** Minor spoilers ahead – But nothing which isn’t revealed in the trailer **


    After the climatic season one finale our heroes have jumped back into the 1960s to escape the apocalypse of their making, only to bring the apocalypse with them. Split up over three years, Five is the last to arrive, in time to witness another apocalypse. In a similar fashion to the first season
  • Before we dive into the trailer take a minute to watch it if you haven't already:

    Then read Netflix's official synopsis for the season:

  • 2020 Eisner Award Winners

    Best Short Story
    WINNER: "Hot Comb," by Ebony Flowers, in Hot Comb (Drawn & Quarterly)


    "Hot Comb," by Ebony Flowers, in Hot Comb (Drawn & Quarterly)
    "How to Draw a Horse,

  • Today Comic-Con@Home held its panel for the New Mutants movie. Ira Madison III moderated the conversation with the cast and writer/director Josh Boone. We got to hear some fun stories on set and how each cast member felt playing their roles. A fun surprise was when famed artist Bill Sienkiewicz from the original ‘New Mutants’ comic book series dropped in on the
  • Key Comic Releases
    Week of 7/21 – 22

    Well, its another new week which means more new comics. I missed doing this last week because of aome health issues but im glad to be back and healthy and here to make sure I let you guys know which books to pick up if you are a key collector! This week we have some first issues as well as some first appearances so lets get into it.

    Amazing Spider-man
  • Warrior Nun is the latest of Netflix's adaptations of comic books to streaming series. Based on Warrior Nun Areala from Antarctic Press series, it's a Manga-style comic series written by Ben Dunn. Strip the comic to its most basic and it’s about a warrior sect of nuns within the Catholic Church, called the Order of the Cruciform Sword (or OCS), who battle demons. They’re led by the Warrior Nun, a chosen nun with an angel’s halo embedded in her back, which gives her
  • Chris Condon Interview
    Writer of That Texas Blood
    Image Comics

    Last week, the comic world got taken by storm as That Texas Blood #1 hit store shelves. I had the honor of covering the book for the site and after reading the first issue, I
  • For this month’s Collective Consciousness we thought we would take a look at a moment which has really affected us emotionally, or to put it another way a comic which has ruined you emotionally. With so many comics to pick from we bring you some of our personal moments.

    To open the article we have Olivier talking about his chosen moment:

    The Death of Sarah Essen in Detective Comics #741

    When Nick suggested we go with
  • Synopsis

    Warrior Nun is the latest of Netflix's adaptations of comic book to streaming series. Based on the Antarctic Press series, Warrior Nun Areala, it's a Manga-style comic series written by Ben Dunn. Netflix's official synopsis is as follows:

    Inspired by