The Trial of Magneto #2 Review

by Ryan.L on September 15, 2021

Writer: Leah Williams
Artist: Lucas Werneck
Color Artist: Edgar Delgado
Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowels
Design: Tom Muller
Publisher: Marvel Comics
The Avengers come to retrieve the body of the Scarlet Witch.
I was not a fan of the first issue in this series, and now with the second I unfortunately have not changed my opinion of it. While there are great moments in this issue I still found it was lacking in characterization. The way Magneto acts in the last issue and this issue especially seem so out of character. While some are enamored by the raw emotions being displayed in the series, this does not feel like Magneto to me.
Magneto has had so much character growth over the years that his outbursts don’t seem like him. If this was the early to mid-1990s then yes this would absolutely be in character. But his time with the X-Men and his growth since working with Xavier and Moira for the Krakoan age, I can’t see him flying off the handle as easily as he does here. Especially near the end when his so-called confession comes around. I get he is a mutant grieving, but it’s a stretch for me to believe he would lose his mind like he does here.
Hope Summers on the other hand I find the creative team nails perfectly. How she stands up to Xavier and calls out his questionable actions, I’ve been waiting years for someone to do that. It was something I could absolutely see her doing. I was hoping we would get more of her in this issue as she felt like the voice of the reader, seeing what’s happening and speaking up.
The art in this issue is fantastic. I loved seeing all the different parts of Krakoa as they took the Avengers on a tour. The moments at the start with Magneto, Xavier and Hope were some of the most beautiful pages.
Overall, the second issue in this series delivers pretty on par to what the first issue gave us. This issue like the last leans heavily into raw emotions. Though while doing so I felt some of the characterizations ended up being off and that took me out of the story.

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