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  • Starting off with, I AM VERY EXCITED FOR STAR WARS POE DAMERON #1 OKAY THANK YOU. Poe is easily one of my favourite characters to come from The Force Awakens (because I'm a...
  • A-Force #1 - GIRL. POWER. 

    Spider-Verse #1 - Easily one of my favourite events that Marvel has given us lately, and who am I to say no to more of...

    that is all.
  • I'm here for Black Canary. I can't think of anyone who would do better at the moment. Brenden Fletcher really gets it right now, man.

    I WANT to be excited for Starfire because I...
  • Okay, so initial thoughts before I even attempt a re-read of this.

    Civil War is easily one of my least favourite events that occured in the Marvel Universe. The title, while grabbing, I...



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