Weekly Spinner Picks For 02/25/2015

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Weekly Spinner Picks is all about the hot comics of the week and getting to know the tastes of the writers at Comics: The Gathering. Each week the CTG contributors spotlight which comics they are most looking forward to on Wednesday and how those picks got to the top of their to-read piles. Let us know if you agree or not with our picks and most importantly don’t forget to add your list!
Darth Vader #2: Marvel’s Star Wars line continues to roll out this week with the Lord of Sith’s second issue. Now I enjoyed the first issue but I’m hoping the story picks up a bit with this chapter. I have faith that writer Kieron Gillen and artist Salvador Larroca will up the ante this week and give us more plot direction. The story continues to examine the Empire’s war against the Rebel Alliance from Vader’s point of view.
Spider-Gwen #1: This series spins directly out of the major Spider-Man event, Spider Verse. In what was one of the most talked about issues of the entire event Gwen Stacey aka Spider-Woman gets her own ongoing title. It’s brought to us by writer Jason Latour and artist Robbi Rodriguez. This opening issue has a lot of cool variant covers! I’m hoping to snag the Adam Hughes version.
Batman #39: This is the second last issue for what writer Scott Snyder is calling his last Joker story. This is part 5 of Endgame and it’s been a dandy! Snyder and artist Greg Capullo continue to not only tell an amazing Joker series but also cement their status as one of the top duos to do so!
Suiciders #1: Last but not least a new series from the DC imprint Vertigo. This post –apocalyptic Los Angeles tale is both written and drawn by Lee Bermejo. With LA hit by the “Big One” the US government cuts off the city. As things turn bad LA turns to entertainment and starts broadcasting its own survivor games. Sounds like a good story to me and we know the art will be fantastic!


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Darth Vader #1: I really enjoyed Darth Vader #1. Kieron Gillen showed that he has the chops to write Vader the way I want to read him. Though, as I stated in my review, the primer issue didn't create much of a plot. Like Stephen, I'm hoping that we'll get a clearer direction, but I'm sure I'll enjoy this issue, nonetheless.

New Avengers #30: I'm always excited for issues of Hickman's Avengers and this one is no exception! With Avengers, this story will be weekly for the coming 5 weeks. That's one hell of an awesome month for fans like me!

Daredevil #13: I love, love, love Daredevil. He's definitely my favourite Marvel character and Mark Waid has been writing him to perfection since 2011. This is the beginning of the end and though I will miss this creative, I'm excited for them to go out with a bang. There's no reason I shouldn't have faith in this masterful creative team.

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This week is a big week for everyone's favorite turtles. The TMNT get caught between Shredder and Krang as war erupts on Burnow Island in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #43.

Fellow mutanimals get their own limited series too, thanks to the four issue TMNT: Mutanimals. A double dose of ninja turtles is never a bad thing. Shoud be a great week.
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Hi all!  I'm definately looking forward to:

Spider-Gwen #1  She webbed my heart during the Spider-Verse event!

Rasputin #5  This story just keeps getting better and darker and better!  The narration here is the best, and that's saying a lot considering its lettering and art are top notch.  
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that is all.
Darth Vader #2 - I went back to floppies because of the new Star Wars line.  And I regret nothing.  Gillen is great, and Larocca doesn't disappoint.  

Spider-Gwen #1 - Very much looking forward to this.  Looks fun.  Hopefully Secret Wars doesn't shoot it in the foot.

Curb Stomp #1 - Brutal.  Gorgeous.  Can't say enough good stuff here.