So today was the long awaited Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe. I decided that I couldn’t let this event pass without throwing out my two cents. The production values are really good for a web series. I love how it jumps into the action right away like an old serial, grabbing us right from the start. I am only familiar with two of the actors, John Hennigan who is playing the Eternal Warrior, and as someone who group up in the 90s of course I know Jason David “the Green Ranger” Frank who is playing Bloodshot. I was worried that the

CTG: You had a young, aspiring artist come up to you earlier -   Walsh: Yeah, I get that quite often at shows like this now. Young or aspiring artists asking for portfolio reviews, which I'm always happy to do because I did that when I was a young artist coming to shows like this. I was always very thankful or artists that would take the time to speak with me and to talk about my work.   CTG: Is there any advice that you would give to an artist reading this?   Walsh: I would say to draw every day. Build up a routine of drawing comics because once you actually make it

CTG: What did comics mean to you when you were growing up, and what made you transition from loving them into wanting to make them?   Henderson: They were almost like STAR WARS in that they were an escape from just everyday life. I was into comics real early, maybe at six or seven I got my hands on a Superman comic and I got everything I could get my hands on after that. I didn't really think about doing it as a profession until Dan Jurgens and John Romita Jr did Thor. When that first issue came out I was maybe 18, thinking about going into the army or the marines or something and

I had the pleasure of talking with Howard Mackie, writer of Ghost Rider and Spider-Man. Howard was incredibly nice and had a lot to say, so enjoy the interview!  ---------   CTG: What did comics mean to you growing up and how exactly did you transition from loving them into wanting to make them?   Mackie: I started reading comics because I had three older sisters, all of whom much older than I am and they all got jobs. On their way home from work on payday they would pass, back in the old days we used to have spinner racks, and my sisters thought a good way

Welcome to CTG's coverage of Toronto Comic Con 2018! As usual, the event is held in the Metro Centre, which is where the doubly famous Fan Expo is also held. This is my first time at Comic Con since I've just attended the Fan Expo. This was a great first day. I only planned to attend one panel, featuring Ty Templeton, but he cancelled last minute due to a deadline he had to get done. Shame I wasted nearly an hour waiting for the panel to start. Here's how my day went. I was lucky enough to be let in early and there was certainly a great amount of excitement in the air. Semi-

      In the small, fictional, Scottish town of Auchenshoogle live a family of eleven, whose exploits have entertained the nation since 1936. The Broons have, in their own unassuming way, become national treasures, with a comic strip appearing each week in the national newspaper the Sunday Post, and collected biannually at Christmas.   Originally illustrated by the legendary comic artist Dudley Watkins, whose single page stories of an extended working class family were published each week alongside the similarly simple adventures of Oor Wullie, a mischievous

So it’s not news that Disney now has the rights to the X-Men, something that fans have wanted for a long time. While some of the films have been received well there is a general consensus that Marvel could do a much better job with the merry mutants. Now that this dream to have the mutants home is coming true many people are discussing how should they be introduced into the MCU? The X-Men debuted in 1963 and since then there have been many different iterations of the characters. Each writer seems to give the X-Books their own look and feel while keeping the essence of the characters

Today it was announced that Disney has bought 21st Century Fox. This is huge news. I am going to focus on the comic book side of this news, but there is a lot to unpack with the whole story. Going off the report in Variety, Fox will keep it's TV stations, the news station and sports stations. The big news for us comic book nerds is that Disney gains the rights to the X-Men, Deadpool and the Fantastic Four. While Fox has held the rights to these characters the X-Men have continued to be a huge cash cow for the House of Ideas and thus have been kept in the lime light, with the characters

Did you think to kill me? There’s no flesh and blood within this cloak to kill. There’s only an idea. Ideas are bulletproof.                                      V for Vendetta   In Alan Moore’s seminal comic series V for Vendetta, the terrorist known only as "V" chooses the fifth of November to begin his campaign of terror by destroying  the Palace of Westminster, the home of the British parliament.   Originally published in

When I first started doing my retro reviews on this site there were two things I knew I wanted to cover. One is coming soon, but today the other one is coming straight at you, because it's my favourite time of the year!!! Halloween! There are thousands of horror comics that I could do, but there's only one that actually makes me smile just thinking of it, Dick Briefer's Frankenstein. So there are three different eras of the Prize Comics(the publisher of the stories)' Frankenstein. The first which I will cover to start, was a straight up horror book that segued into a super


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