Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Hideaway of Horror and do I have a treat for you this week. An interview with comic book writer Cullen Bunn!!! Cullen was nice enough to answer a few questions for CTG, he talked about how he got into the comic book business, his love of horror movies and his upcoming projects including his new horror comic series Regression, coming out this May from Image. Enjoy!   1.     Your upcoming comic Regression deals with hypnosis and the possibility of past lives. What was your inspiration?    My father was a

Hello my little goblins, welcome to my Hideaway of Horror! Every week I'll be posting blogs, thoughts, news, movie reviews, comic reviews or top 10 lists on everything that is the beautiful and nasty realm of horror. For my first entry, I give you my review of Train to Busan. Enjoy freaks!  All aboard the chew-chew train, as fast moving zombies attack passengers on a bullet train in this thrilling South Korean horror flick.  Seok-Woo is a separated workaholic father who's emotionally disconnected from his young daughter Soo-An. After missing her school recital and giving

Since I was very young I have loved Superheroes they have subsequently become my life. I remember being very young and just enamored with Richard Donner's Superman movie. Then like any child of the 80s, Saturday morning cartoons were everything. I was introduced to Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends and as many were drawn to Spider-Man like my good friend David was, I was taken by the wise cracking Iceman. There was just something different about him than any other of the superheroes I had know up until that point.  It was the mid 80s and I was so enthralled with anything

Comics, at least American superhero comics, which is what this article/diatribe is mostly about, are a weird medium. I think it was Matt Fraction who talked about the illusion of the second act in comics, and he roughly said something like how, after introducing the reader to their world, comics series need to have a never-ending second act, because they're meant to just continue indefinitely. Last year there was a conversation about the limits of the comics marketplace due to the cancellation of Walker and Villalobos’ Nighthawk. I don’t want to rehash that whole argument

This is our interview with Jason Inman, co-host of DC All Access, Jawiin, who also works for Screen Junkies, about his comic book Jupiter Jet. How did you get into comics?   It really started out with me buying my first comic book in Walmart which was Batman #466, where Batman was tied to a rocket. After that it was really me reading the Death of Superman, because it really truly introduced me to the world of DC. After that I just read everything, not just DC.     What advice would you give for anyone who wants to start their own comic book?   Jump right into it. The

This Wednesday we get a brand new Assassin's Creed series and we got to sit down with Dan Watters to talk about the book and what we can expect from this exciting new series. Comics The Gathering: Dan, thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few of my questions regarding your highly anticipated new series Assassin's Creed: Uprising. Without giving too much away, what will this Assassin's Creed: Uprising series be about? Dan Watters: This series is going to be wrapping up the Phoenix Project storyline, which has been building over the last three games. So

I'm good at remembering a lot of things, mostly trivia or facts I've learned over the years, but one thing I'm not good at remembering is what I've read this year. I read so many books, both old and new that it's hard to keep track of what was even published this year, so trying to come up with a top ten is so hard to do. I tried to think of single issues, but let's face it the way comic stories are told the very rarely wrap up in a single issue. So instead of focusing on issues, I'll probably do my top 10 comic stories of the year or a combination so here we go

We have been getting some really great titles this past year, so I wanted to talk about the most surprising, that is the most improved titles or the ones I didn't expect to be as good as it was. This is partially my thoughts with some assisstance, from the marvel and dc reddit. Aquaman   Geoff John’s Aquaman was a run that has gone down in the character’s history. Although the issues after were not bad, but they never were really able to re-create that feeling I had when Geoff John’s wrote. Dan Abnett’s issues on Aquaman the New 52 were alright but was

It was near Halloween 1992 when my dad got me it. It was a reprint issue "Silver Age Classics" printed above the title. A familiar character was on the cover, one that I'd seen on tv, one I had action figures of. Swamp Thing, and the book reprinted: House of Secrets #92. My first horror comic. I'll never forget reading it, I was hooked. Although the Swamp Thing character was the star of the book it was the other stories in it that fascinated me, from the bridging stories featuring Cain and Able the hosts of House of Mystery and House of Secrets respectively, the two of them

Rian Heist is a board game creator and comic book fan. Over the past 2 year he's taken to Kickstarter to finance seven different games. I talked to him about his latest, Golden Age-inspired project, the Great Comics Adventure. What's the Great Comics Adventure? The Great Comics Adventure is a game that I've been working for a little over two years. A game that celebrates historical characters from Comic Book history--that is designed to be easy to play for all types of tabletop gamers. With my past games I tended to have complex rule-sets and I really wanted to make a game that


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