Ninjak vs. the Valiant universe debut, and an update on myself.

by Jason Laframboise on April 21, 2018

So today was the long awaited Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe. I decided that I couldn’t let this event pass without throwing out my two cents. The production values are really good for a web series. I love how it jumps into the action right away like an old serial, grabbing us right from the start. I am only familiar with two of the actors, John Hennigan who is playing the Eternal Warrior, and as someone who group up in the 90s of course I know Jason David “the Green Ranger” Frank who is playing Bloodshot. I was worried that the Ninkjak suit would look stupid on film but honestly it looks way better then most super hero costumes. I love the way the action scenes are filmed, as I find some movies film that in a way that makes the fights look blurry. This was not the case here. Frank is pretty good in the brief bits he’s in. Archer and Armstrong seem to be well done though maybe a little cheesy. I’m not quite as sold on Hennigan as the Eternal Warrior, I know the former Johnny Nitro isn’t exactly an actor so I’ll cut him some slack. The couple seconds with X-O Manowar I have to say looked terrible. My overall thoughts are really positive, it looks like this might have been worth the agonizingly long wait. Now keep in mind that I am of course biased, since my favourite character is Ninjak, and I’m very much a Valiant fan so I’m probably going light on the finished product, but I really enjoyed this right 20 minute episode. Best part is it’s fee and online so you won’t lose anything except time. And as far as comic book media that has VS in the title it was better than that last one.

Seeing as this is a blog post, I figured I’d give an update on myself. I’ve not posted a review or any other content on the site in a very long time now. I’ve been a contributor to Comics the Gathering for nearly two years, and I’ve loved being part of the site as it grows and I love writing, but about 8 months ago something changed for me. I noticed very small changes at first but over time it became very apparent that something wasn’t right. Depression and anxiety began robbing me of the simple things in life that I loved. It became harder and harder to concentrate on simply sitting down to read a comic and write a review. Over time I just shut down. It’s a scary feeling when you wake up one day and realize that at some point you just stopped doing all the things you loved, in my case reading comics, which had been a part of my life since I was 3 years old. I’ve been fairly open about my struggles with my friends and family so I don’t feel any shame talking about it here, and if you or anyone you care about is struggling with mental illness, that’s the main thing you can do for them. Talk to someone, talk to them. That being said I’m hoping that day by day I’m getting back into my own skin, and hopefully will resume doing some of the things I love, like reading some old comics and writing about them. Thank you for reading, and thank you to the rest of the amazing team here at Comics the Gathering.  I will see you in the funny pages!