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  • I just got home from seeing it. i enjoyed it a lot. It was better than Iron Man 3 and Thor 2.  I could easily see Lang being a household name after a few more movies.
  • Slow week this week.

    Batman #40: The only thing I'm really excited about reading because, you guessed it...I'M A HUGE BATMAN NERD. Scott Snyder is one of...
  • Man oh man, what a week!

    Batman - Arkham Knight #1: If you haven't played the Arkham games, then you are truly missing out on...
  • Only one this week guys!

    Multiversity Mastermen #1: As our beloved Mr. Gervais said, Morrison and Lee together should bring out the best in any comic. I'm not the...
  • Dude. I'm stoked! I love B&T! RIGHTEOUS!!


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