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  • Okay okay okay, I gotta say it. I've always been a close observer of the way Mr. Genolet draws Doc Justice. At the end of this issue … does he look … younger?
  • I do love it when Marvel's Death gets meta-fictional. The cause of her illness in this arc? Too many characters have yo-yo-ed through the revolving door of resurrection, weakening Death and...
  • Sunset Bain is easily my Favorite Awful Character: "This tech is the A.I. The cat was just the delivery system. You've all been best friends with a collar....
  • Check the ticker on the TV news report on the monster attack: "Wade Wilson unavailable for comment." Mr. Ewing must be reading...
  • Do we really just get the one page of Filipe Andrade art? I hope we see more of it further on!


Per my photo, Agent Coulson stole my identity in Agents of SHIELD s2e04. My current mission in life is to get Clark Gregg to apologize for this. Until then, I'll review Marvel comics here.