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  • I have one more qualm about #4: This issue doesn't set a good track record for surprise guest star utilization. Though there are good (and surprisingly subtle) reasons to sideline Jen Walters, #3...
  • Snap, I didn't even say a word about the debut of Frost Pharaoh! Guess you'll have to read the comic!
  • Out of this issue's spillion Conan achievements, the most impressive might be making Crom - of all things! - a strongly applicable part of No Road Home.
  • Okay, one spoiler-y observation: The odds of this series bringing Al Ewing's Devil Hulk face-to-face with a certain Cimmerian just got good, and that alone is a powerful argument in favour of...
  • Ryan North is so much better than me at funny footnotes, I'm just gonna steal one of his: "Anyway! To celebrate Squirrel Girl, here's a dark future where...


Per my photo, Agent Coulson stole my identity in Agents of SHIELD s2e04. My current mission in life is to get Clark Gregg to apologize for this. Until then, I'll review Marvel comics here.