Uncanny Avengers #25

by F.D. White on October 01, 2014

Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Daniel Acuna
Letterer: VC's Clayton Cowles

Uncanny Avengers has been a trip for sure. From Red Skull's initial assault to the Apocalypse Twins' mega-arc, it's never been boring. Action-packed, but never losing focus on building up it's characters into people you can care about, Uncanny Avengers has been a worthy spiritual succesor to Rick Remender's excellent Uncanny X-Force. 

This issue doesn't necessarily feel like a final issue. It feels like a part of something bigger, which is intentional. As the lead-in to AXIS, Uncanny Avengers has the honor of setting the tone for the event and it does so with moxie. Remender's dialogue and inner monologues are on point bringing Scarlet Witch's and Magneto's dysfunctional relationship to the forefront. Expect to see more of them throughout AXIS. On top of that, I'm glad to see that Alex Summers' scars haven't magically been healed yet. I'm hoping they stay during AXIS and continue afterwards. It would be a good reminder fo the sacrifices he's had to make. Even though the events that occurred during the Apocalypse Twins' arc have been somewhat nullifed and erased due to fixing and combining timelines, it's good for readers to see that these events can still have consequences.

On top of having a near perfect script, artist Daniel Acuna's page layouts and art are about as cinematic as you can get in a comic book. Take note, people. This is how do comic book art. His Red Skull and Magneto are menacing as two major villains going toe-to-toe. His battle scenes are fluid. Angles are dynamic and breathtaking. Not to mention a stunning closing splash page. I hope Acuna comes back to Remender's next group book that flows out of Axis. Together they are a creative dynamo. 

Uncanny Avengers has been an absolute thrill to read from start to finish. Even though this is the end, it's also the start of something much, much bigger.

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Tori B.'s picture
Definitely agree with the score of 10 here, there was just so much of everything in this issue, it just keeps me going on why I find myself always going back to Uncanny avengers as a favourite.