Old Man Logan #21

by Ryan.L on April 12, 2017

Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artist: Eric Nguyen
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Old Man Logan has been through a lot over the years. Now he has broken Asmodeus out of jail and has gotten him to send Logan home to the Wastelands.

This issue we see that things have not gone as planned. Logan wakes up in his younger selves body but he is back in 1812. Things continue as he is transported through a few more times into versions of his past.

This has been a solid series and this issue I did enjoy, but I also had some problems with it as well. It was great seeing Logan travel through the past and seeing key moments in his history again. That being said if you look into Logans history he was born in the 1880s. This issue we see him get transported back to the war of 1812 and Logan even state that he remembers the war. So continuity is being thrown out the window again for the sake of a story? It's not a major problem as the overall story was really fun but for those long time fans it's more of an annoyance when writers do things like this.

Even with the questionable choice at the start Jeff Lemire does show that he can write Logan and this is another really exciting and fun start to another story arc that is sure to get pretty crazy. The art is also really amazing and I loved the fresh new look Eric Nguyen has given these big moments in Logans history.


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