“My top 10 Christmas Gifts for 2011”

by lucstclair on December 05, 2011

Here are a few gift ideas for that special geek in your life. Here they are in no particular order:

1. Aliens Omnibus Volume 1 (Paperback) :
Nothing says Merry Christmas like a face-hugger squeezing your visage, chest-bursters springing out your breast plate and Alien Queens stalking you! You better watch out!

2. DC Comics Encyclopedia Updated (Hardcover) :
From Animal Man to Zatanna, from all the super heroes to all the super villains, fro all the cities to all the supporting citizens of the DC Universe. It’s all here!

3. Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix / Harry Potter Mini Bust :
For the little wizard in your life. Looks great on a shelf.

4. Marvel Encyclopedia Updated (Hardcover) :
From Annihilus to Zodiac. The Mighty Marvel Universe in one great looking and informative book!

5. The Green Lantern/Hal Jordan Head-Knocker :
In your car, on your computer desk or on a shelf, no evil shall escape my sight!

6. The Dark Knight Joker Head-Knocker/Bobble Head figurine
Let’s put a smile on that face… for Santa!

7. The Walking Dead Compedium Vol. 1 :
Reprinting the critically acclaimed Image Comics series from issue #1 to #48. A must for any fan!

8. The Walking Dead Season 1 on Bluray :
AMC’s critically acclaimed show, based on the popular comics from Image Comics.

9. Thor by Walter Simonson Omnibus (Hardcover) :
Comic book legend, writer and artis Walter Simonson’s entire run on The Thor series for Marvel Comics! Ho! Ho! Hogun!

10. Ultimate Marvel VS. Capcom 3 videogame for the Playstation 3 :
Capcom’s bad-ass fighting game pits Marvel super heroes & villains against Capcom heroes & villains in ridiculously fun , over the top battles.



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