Wolverine and the X-Men #33

by Tori B. on July 24, 2013

Things are picking up at the Hellfire Academy. The students are in phase two of their education, and as per Hellfire tradition, the Inner Circle isn’t complete without the Black Queen. 
Writer: Jason Aaron | Artists: Nick Bradshaw, Walden Wong, & Laura Martin
Cover: Bradshaw & Morry Hollowell | Publisher: Marvel
Holy Krakoa, things sure picked up quickly for the Hellfire Academy. The young Hellions are going through vigorous training to turn into killing machines while Quentin Quire is still getting his arse kicked around, luckily Toad’s there to save the day (…again in the case of saving Quentin’s butt). Which is to say it is incredibly refreshing to see Toad get some stones once in a while and actually be more than just the pathetic mutant everyone calls him. Hey if Eye-Boy can be turned cool, surely Toad can be awesome too. I’ve been griping over the fact that Toad hasn’t been cool since, well, ever and it’s his due time to finally be (almost) cool.
You know who else is cool? Idie. She can also pretty hot too—temperature controlling and all. [insert booing here]. Honestly though she’s super powerful and it’s easy to forget given her more seemingly soft-spoken nature, but in this issue she shows everyone just who they’re dealing with and that she’s no one’s pushover and her loyalty is unwavering. It’s amazing how many characters had some good turns in this issue, Toad, Idie, Dog Logan, Broo, Krakoa, and there was still time to fit in some action scenes for Wolverine which also still looked awesome and very much in the spirit of a good Wolverine story even if the series might be more about the students than their surly headmaster.
As your resident fan of X-Men, the throwback to the older Hellfire is much appreciated and it’s nice to see that even the young generation of Hellfire members can still appreciate tradition; what’s the Hellfire Club without their own resident Black Queen—and no thank goodness that doesn’t call for bringing Jean back from the dead again.
Aaron and Bradshaw’s talents are totally on point in this issue and it’s so far the most exciting issue of the Hellfire Saga with action panels on pretty much every single page. You’ll almost feel out of breath by the time you reach the end, and if the last page isn’t breathtaking, we’ve obviously taken very different journeys with the series, because that last page is COOL.
I had my doubts with the Hellfire Saga at first, with the prelude and first issue, the second issue was certainly better, but it’s definitely this one that I’ve been sold on. The potential has been seen, and at this point we just need to see more of the actual Hellfire Club to make it complete, which I’m sure we’ll be getting soon enough. Despite the crazy of the Hellfire Academy, it looks like some people are going with some well earned lessons and at the heart of it, it’s life lessons we all could learn, which is the heart of WATXM anyways so all in all, consider this arc reaching its success. But don’t get me wrong, what comes to follow should be pretty amazing too. (Krakoa)

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