The Fly: Outbreak #4

by RobertJCross on July 22, 2015

Written by: Brandon Seifert
Art by: menton3

Glorious, simply glorious issue. This team is responsible for perhaps the best capturing of a time period ever. When The Fly 2 came out more than 20 years ago it really didn't captivate that many people and it became a kind of cult classic, at least compared to the original Chronenberg film. Both Seifert and menton3 have captured the essence of the films and of the time in every panel. There is this atmosphere that lurks in the background of everything as you read, the words, the art, it leaks BLACK like a foggy memory. Unlike anything I've read before.

The writing is just one half of this unbelievable comic and boy is it good. The dialogue drips with purpose and sarcasm but there's this underlying just menace that captivates you into traveling back to the late-80s/early-90s. One thing I really love is the relationship between Martin and Beth and how (even thought it's somewhat far fetched) Beth would risk everything to save him. She sees through his genetic flaws and through his non-genetic flaws....but now we have a whole new monster to deal with next we'll see...

menton3 has yet to disappoint me with his art. I was looking for him during Comic-Con but i couldn't find him anywhere, which depressed me because this comic has made me a fan of his. I mean, just look at the cover of this bad boy. You get a feel for the kind of in your face creatures and dark tone that the issue holds. And that soft green hue that takes you back to a time when every computer screen in the world hummed low with that hue bouncing off the white walls of a server room. It's surreal. I love it and I love his art.

Another stellar issue. PICK IT UP!!!

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