Secret Wars #5

by Kalem Lalonde on August 12, 2015

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Esad Ribic

Jonathan Hickman has already made Secret Wars a bright spot in the history of comic book events. He’s broken the idea that all events are doomed and brought us back to a time where events were exciting and meaningful. Halfway through his series, Hickman gave us an intense and powerful showdown between the main players of the series, culminating in the death of Stephen Strange. Everything leading to that moment felt perfect, the conflict between Doom and Strange, the remnants of the old world, and the struggle a man has when becoming a god. We explore the aftermath of Hickman’s twist through the eyes of God Doom. Secret Wars #6 is an issue about his guilt and grief after murdering his only friend. There is a lot of set-up to the final act of this series, putting pieces like the future foundation and the cabal into play. This issue may move at a snail’s pace but Hickman writing is so enthralling that it didn’t bother me. His portrayal of Doom has become the definitive modern take on the character for me. This series would be worth your money for the Doom moments alone but with the clever plot and intriguing world Hickman elevates his story to near masterpiece territory. After a short delay, Esad Ribic’s art remains as grand and beautiful as ever. He portrays the guilt of Doom in his posture while making him imposing and powerful. Without Ribic this series would never have found the success it has. 

Our Score:


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