by RobertJCross on July 31, 2015

Written by: Richard Matheson & Ted Adams
Art by: Mark Torres

Alright, so this comic is based on a novel. I did not know that going into it, so that was cool to learn. The novel however was released a LONG time ago. Anyway, it follows a man who's shrinking a little less than an inch a day amd what he has to deal with in relation to his homelife. He has a wife, whom he fights with over his shrinking stature. They fight about their sexlife and the fact that he won't go get help for his predicament. Of course there's also a black-widow spider in the comic as the cover eludes...

Adams is adapting this older sci-fi novel for the modern audiences and he's doing a pretty good job of bringing it to life. The story was written and is based in the 60s. You can tell by the way that both the main character and his wife talk to each other AND what they talk about which is a small dance around sex. Assuming the novelizations at the time was squeamish about sex like most were in the world, I liked the way that Adams handled the dialogue and the tone of the scenes. This is what the 60s were. With a shrinking man thrown in of course...

Now for the semi-bad. I LIKED the art, I didn't love it. Torres takes some liberties with the whole size thing because of the subject matter....BUT some of his faces and bodies were a bit "off" to me. That's not to say that the environments and the bugs and stuff weren't good looking, because they were, but like I said...just a little "off." Besides that, I liked how he brought the reading audience into the 1960s. I knew exactly what time period it was by the surroundings, always a neat trick by an artist.

Pretty cool first issue. I enjoyed it! Check it out!

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