Action Comics #31

by F.D. White on May 14, 2014

Everyone’s excited for Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr. to take over Superman in June. Fans think they’ll re-invigorate the character, give him some juice. The problem with that is that Action Comics is already doing it. Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder have been consistently delivering top-notch Superman stories for the past seven months now.

Aaron Kuder’s art truly captures the spirit and liveliness of Superman. The style is just perfect. His work is so clean, but not boring. It’s inventive, but familiar. It’s really great. Before this comic I had no idea who Kuder was, but now he has surged to the top of my list. He’s an artist that has potential down the line to be a part of some truly great things. Kuder’s pencils alone are great, but without June Chung’s colors this book wouldn’t be the same. Her colors are temperate, but at the same time pop. They perfectly fit Kuder’s style.

There’s a change in artists mid-issue that isn’t too jarring, but it’s apparent in the difference of quality. Hopefully, this doesn’t become a regular thing as more Kuder is a good thing.

Greg Pak perfectly captures a young Superman. He did it very well in the first arc of Batman/Superman, and now he's doing it again. We can understand his frustrations, and agree with him to a certain extent. This is essentially a kid trying to be the Superman we all know and respect.

What’s most important about this issue is how it could potentially make Doomsday relevant again. Forever stuck as the physical brute we’re now seeing him as an entirely different threat. This is a very exciting time for Doomsday fans. Superdoom awaits.

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This exactly how I feel. Spot-on review. Short, sweet, direct, and correct.