Scarlet Spider #1

by lucstclair on January 14, 2012

The clone known as Kaine wanders from one city to another trying to escape his past. He wants a normal, responsibility-free life style, but stumbles upon a gruesome crime. Can he turn a blind eye? Or become the hero as the new Scarlet Spider?


Before you read the first page and like me, you’d like a history lesson on the whole Jackal/spider-clones saga, I suggest you skip to the end and you’ll get just that. You’ll thank me. This is a fresh start for Kaine and I like what I see. The character has some tough decisions to make about his life and the powers and abilities he carries with him. Let’s face it, he’s no Spider-Man and he’s got a lot to learn about what it takes to be a super hero. Assuming he wants it. The nameless fire-wielding villain looks threatening enough to give Kaine a challenge or two.


Writer Christopher Yost (Red Robin : The Grail) does a good job reintroducing Kaine as a potential hero to old and new readers, while penciller Ryan Stegman’s (Fear Itself : Dracula) illustrations are very good and vivid. The verdict’s still out on whether or not I’ll continue collecting this series, but this first issue is a step in the right direction. From Marvel Comics.

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Hmm sounds like a good read. I think I'll pick it up.

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Excellent recommendation! I got the last copy at my local comic store and boy am I glad I did!