Avengers : X-Sanction #2 (of 4)

by lucstclair on January 07, 2012

Convinced that Hope is in danger, Cable continues his assault on the Avengers! With a few tricks up his sleeve, he’ll stop them by any means necessary.


Not much to say really. We get to see a few of Cable’s flashbacks (or flashforwards?), some with Hope as a child and others as a young woman. It’s fun to watch Cable toy with The Avengers like he’s playing chess, knocking them off one at a time. Written by Jeph Loeb (Batman : Hush). He’s done better. Illustrated by Ed McGuiness (Superman). The Red Hulk never looked better and bulkier, especially with a B.F.G! From Marvel Comics.

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stephengervais's picture

Pretty terrible issue. Don't think I'll stick around for the conclusion.