Uncanny X-Men #2

by lucstclair on December 02, 2011

The egomaniacal Mr. Sinister has taken the head of the Dreaming Celestial to the Palace of Fine Arts and has cloned hundreds of versions of himself using the Dreaming Celestial’s pure energy. Sinister has the X-Men exactly where he wants them, but none of that will matter when you have a dozen Celestials racing towards Earth! Welcome to Sinister City!


Another high octane issue from writer Kieron Gillen and penciler Carlos Pacheco (Superman/Batman Absolute Power). I know I once wrote that I was getting a little tired of X titles and you would rarely see reviews about them, but this is a very cool title! That doesn’t change my reviews of the Uncanny X-Force…Stephen.

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stephengervais's picture

I think for me what made this only an ok issue was that Sinister's egotistical babble seemed really too drawn out. A lot of it seemed like filller just to get the issue out. Hopefully issue 3 picks the writing up a notch. I'm usually a huge Kieron Gillen fan.