10. Legend of Luther Strode #2 (of 6) Writer: Justin Jordan   Artist: Tradd Moore Release Date: 1/9/13   Why it made the list: Coming off the surprise hit of "The Strange Talent of Luther Strode," Issue 1 kept up the series success. Issue 2 promises more answers to the mysteries of the end of 'Strange Talent" and we are excited about if it can keep the momentum up after all these strong issues.   Max M.- I cant wait. Issue 1 blew me away with it's quality and Jordan is now becoming a more complete writer.     9. Swamp Thing #16 Writer: Scott

  The 90's were hard times for comics. I could spout off an abundance of cliches regarding Rob "Pouches" Liefeld and the general bombast of the industry at the time, but that would be cheap. All I really have to say is: Superman had a mullet. Anything else one can say about the dark blot of comic book history between 1986 and 1998 becomes redundant in light of this.   The Marvel Versus DC paperback is a prime case in point of why the 1990's were rough. Within these pages, the DC universe and the Marvel universe are embodied by two immense titans who aim

  Comics are a wonderful literary medium; in their pages we find some of the most heroic characters, fantastically enticing stories, and remarkably cerebral plotlines. They possess the funniest of dialogues, and detail the most tragic of misfortunes. They give us all of the wonders that we find in the greatest of novels, but also something more. The true draw of a comic isn’t simply its masterful writing—it’s the combination of an excellent script and beautiful illustration. It is the artwork that truly sets the comic apart.   With that in mind I have decided to

  A frequent debate I have often entertained with other history geeks goes something like this:  If you could chose, would you rather live during the dawning of a great civilization such as Greece or Rome, or would you rather experience the final days that great civilization?  It is an incredibly interesting question that can ignite many an argument.  You see, being born during the formation of a great civilization or empire means a lot of hard work, but at the same time it means being a part of the creation of something fantastic.  The men and women who undertake the

The Martian Manhunter has always been one of my favorite DC characters. The Martian Manhunter or J'onn J'onzz (his real name)  has never been a bestselling character but has proven to be a appreciated character never theless.   Debut The Martian Manhunter first appeared in the silver age of comics. His first appearance  was in the Detective Comics series. Later J'onn would join the Justice League. Being a member of the justice league is where J'onn is known best for. Until the Crisis on infinite earths reboot, J'onn was a minor character. With the reboot

Before you read any further, there are many spoilers on this list. You’ve been warned! With Halloween just around the corner, I started to have dark thoughts, thoughts of what would be the scariest moments in comic books. They could be moments of fear & despair or disturbing moments or even moments of pure shock value. This was a challenge coming up with a top 10 list, it would’ve been easier to write a list of horror movie moments, because movies have sound, music and jump scares to really give you a fright. Terrifying moments in comics force you to use your imagination, make

  That time of year has arrived once again. The trees have shed their leaves, the days have gotten shorter, stores have stocked up on fun-sized candy bars, and plastic swords have received a prompt boost in sales—October has come.   This fantastic month plays host to one of my favoured mainstream holidays, the harrowing All Hallow’s Eve—a wonderful affair of rubber masks, sugary treats, and spooky stories. This particular holiday has been wildly embraced by the entertainment industry, which often offers yearly specials of appropriately themed content. Television

Hey everybody, I know this blog’s a little late, but I’d like to write about our Ottawa Comiccon 2012 experience from May 12, 2012. This was the very first & official Comiccon for Ottawa and it was a blast to attend. With the help of this very website, Stephen and I had our very own media passes to promote CTG. With free passes around our necks and smiles on our faces, we showed up early and waltzed in an hour before the official opening. I was a little disappointed to find out from an organizer that I couldn’t do a one on one interview with the special guests like William Shatner, Lou

You’ve heard of fantasy football? Well this is fantasy comics. I’ve often wondered if I was the big cheese at Marvel, DC or any other comic book company, that I’d imagine I’d have some sort of pull to get the projects I want to see put together. Insane crossovers, some of my favourite writers & artist teaming up and maybe some new super hero titles I’ve only dreamed of. So without further ado, I present to you, in no particular order… “My own fantasy comics” Jim Starlin writes & draws Green LanternJim Starlin is a Marvel Comics icon, the work he did for such titles as The Silver

Since there were no new comics because of a late shipment today (sniff sniff) and I couldn’t leave my favourite comic book store empty handed, I purchased copies of Previews & Marvel Previews. I thought I’d comment on some upcoming comics coming out in April, so here goes… Marvel: I guess I’ll start with the event everybody’s been talking about since it was first announced in 2011… Avengers VS X-Men! #1 & #2 will both be released, presumably bi-weekly. I’m gonna be one excited fanboy and from the sneak peek I’ve seen already seen, I think it’s gonna be awesome. Still haven’t


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