Wayward #9

by F.D. White on June 24, 2015

Story: Jim Zub
Line Art: Steve Cummings
Colors: Tamra Bonvillain
Letters: Marshall Dillon
Back Matter: Zack Davisson

Preparation is the key to success, or at least I think that's the saying. As the Wayward gang begins their assault they seemed hardly prepared for the war they're about to begin.  Emi shows an inherent distrust and lack of self-confidence in her narration that makes her a worrisome kink in their plans, not to mention that Ayane is a powderkeg waiting to explode at exactly the wrong time. Top this with the fact that their group is still separated and they're now teaming up with the mysterious (and possibly dangerous) Earth Spiders. They're attempting to use the element of surprise, but I think the surprise will be on them.

This focus on showing just how divide (not only physically, but mentally too) the group has become on the eve of the battle is an interesting take for writer Jim Zub. It basically presupposes that our protagonists simply aren't ready for what is about to take place. Distrust has been sewn between several of the characters and even if they do make it through this battle and win/survive, they won't be happy-go-lucky with celebration. Without spoiling anything, before the battle even begins we know it will not be without sacrifice.

If there's one thing to note, it's that the swearing in dialogue has increased noticeably since the first issue. I don't have any problem with vulgarity, but it seems inconsistent considering how many fucks were flying around this issue.

On top of an excellent and brisk “calm before the storm” script, line artist Steve Cummings and colorist Tamra Bonvillain are putting out their best work. This is probably their best work. From the gorgeous opening splash page to the surprisingly don't make me want to squirm because their drawn so well spiders, this issue oozes artistic talent and gravitas. Cummings line work is thin and realistic while still maintaining enough Manga influence associated with the comic's setting. Nothing is exaggerated unless it needs to be. This allows for fun moments of the bizarre and supernatural to feel even more so.

I've been championing Wayward since issue #1 and my mind hasn't been swayed an inch. Zub, Cummings, Bonvillain, Dillon are producing top of the line work and Zack Davisson's excellent essays continue to provide education and interesting topics related to the comic.

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