Weekly Spinner Picks for 04/29/2015

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Weekly Spinner Picks is all about the hot comics of the week and getting to know the tastes of the writers at Comics: The Gathering. Each week the CTG contributors spotlight which comics they are most looking forward to on Wednesday and how those picks got to the top of their to-read piles. Let us know if you agree or not with our picks and most importantly don’t forget to add your list!
Daredevil #15: I personally can’t get enough Daredevil these days so the latest offering from writer Mark Waid and artist Chris Samnee tops my list this week. The solicitation promises us the surprising return of an old foe and continues the plot of Matt going off the deep end. The preview pages look amazing as usual! I’ll be sad when this creative duo ends their run.
Batman #40: This is it!! The finale to writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo’s Endgame story arc. Batman risks everything! The Joker! Who will laugh last? This has been another great run by another amazing creative duo. I love the consistency a title achieves when the writer and artist can stay together for a significant run.
Supermutant Magic Academy GN: The latest offering from one of my favorite publishers, Drawn and Quarterly. This graphic novel is written and drawn by the critically acclaimed Jillian Tamaki who is best known for co-creating Skim and last year’s This One Summer. This is a collection of her most popular segments of her webcomic of the same name along with some bonus material. I’ve only heard positive commentary on the webcomic and I’ve enjoyed her before-mentioned titles so I have no doubt this will be a great read!


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New Avengers #33: Well, this is where Hickman jumps off the Avengers train. We get two departures within the same week with Hickman and Whedon. And hopefully both of them will go out with a bang. I know that this issue will be focusing on Doom and Hickman always shines when he's writing Doom. I know his story is far from over, but I'm still sad to see Hickman go. 

Justice League #40: I love what Geoff Johns has done with the Justice League since Luthor joined the team. This book is full of Johns' signature amazing character-portrayals. And Jason Fabok's art is some of the best art DC Comics has.

 Multiversity #2: Grant Morrison's Multiversity will become a DC classic. This comic is a flat out masterpiece that deserves myriad re-reads and intricate analysis. I have no clue how Morrison will close this book up but I do know that it will be fantastic. 
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Slow week this week.

Batman #40: The only thing I'm really excited about reading because, you guessed it...I'M A HUGE BATMAN NERD. Scott Snyder is one of the greatest living comic book writers and the Endgame arc has been pretty cool so far. The Joker has given Batman a run for his money as per usual and we're getting the most out of the characters before whatever new threat comes Bruce's way. It's all very exciting...it's Gotham baby!

That's it. Same bat time, same bat channel.
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Another week of me shying away from the big two 


Hellbreak #2 (ONI):  I just started reading Cullen Bunn's The Sixth Gun series and I'm absolutely blown away by it. Hellbreak is just getting started and I liked the first issue enough to see where it's headed. Maybe, for once, I'll be ahead of the pack with this one.

Mayday #1 (Black Mask):  I was a huuuuge fan of Curt Pires' last series, POP, over at Dark Horse. Black Mask is known for giving even more freedom and control to their creators so I'm totally down to see where he takes this one. 

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I'm still following the Convergence stuff but honestly I'm a bit underwhelmed. I'm hoping the whole vs thing finds a way to be less redundant. Another one I'm excited for is PISCES #1. Looks like it'll be a great sci-fi horror mashup written by Wiebe himself. I'm sure that'll get me over this "convergence" stuff.
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So many books this week. Normally, I put these books alphabetical, but I'll do it based on excitement because I'm feeling adventurous.

Spider-Man and the X-Men #6: This is a damn fun book. If you want to see Spidey be Spidey and not be bogged down by mega crossovers, while still getting a taste of the X-Men world, then this is the perfect book for you.

Fantastic Four #645: The supposed end of the Fantastic Four. This run started off strong, but as it's gone on my interested has sort of petered out. I'm hoping for a big, heartwarming finale that is a proper send-off for the Fantastic Four and whatever they do next.

Wayward #7: This book has consistently been one of my favorites since it was released. From story, to characters, to art, this story hits all the write notes and then some. It helps if you're interested in Japanese lifestyle and mythology, but I don't consider them prerequisites to really enjoy this book.

Convergence: Shazam #1: I really hope this is some kind of mock-trial run to give Jeff Parker and Doc Shaner their own Shazam book. There's nothing I want more from DC than Shazam to have his own book. The fact that they've continually pushed it off, but flaunt him with Convergence, Multiversity, and being in a team book just isn't fair.

Batman #40: As a massive Bat-fan (who isn't though?) this is my most anticipated comic this week, by far. Endgame has been a thrilling arc in Snyder & Capullo's masterful run on the caped crusader. With the potential for so many new stories and changes on the horizon, Batman #40 will mark the shift in the Bat-world that has me so incredibly eager to read.