Dark Crisis #7 Review

by Wes Greer on December 20, 2022

Writer – Joshua Williamson
Art – Daniel Sampere, Jack Herbert, Giuseppe Camuncoli & Cam Smith, and Rafa Sandoval
Colors - Alejandro Sánchez, Alex Guimarães, Romulo Fajardo Jr., and Matt Herms
Letters – Tom Napolitano
Publisher – DC Comics 

Since Dark Crisis debuted, I have thoroughly enjoyed the way Joshua Williamson placed focus on its main characters and was able to bring so many pieces from previous stories and weave them in all together in a very cohesive story that didn’t take away or add too much to the story, keeping it very tight and cohesive, A feat many writers struggle to accomplish in these massive event style stories and this final issue continues this theme with a cohesive and exciting conclusion. 

Dark Crisis #7 is easily the most action packed issue of the series and with so much going on, usually a reader gets lost easily amid the chaos, but Williamson does an amazing job keeping the action and sequences grounded and making it easy to follow along with all the events as they unfold. Throughout the series, Williamson has gone above and beyond to keep the essence of the legacy characters in this series while making them accessible to new readers as well and he really caps on that in this issue with the newly returned Justice League members battling alongside the slew of other DC characters that really makes for one of the most enjoyable battles I’ve read in a comic in years, paying homage to a decades long conflict between Dick Grayson and Deathstroke especially. The writing in this issue is just done so well and delivers exactly what readers of a massive event title have been looking for since the original Crisis on infinite Earths and leaves readers feeling satisfied and whole at the end. 

The writing of this issue may be exquisite, but when you factor in the artwork of Daniel Sampere and match it with the colors of Alejandro Sanchez, you find this books real hero, and that’s saying a lot with how much I enjoyed the writing. From the start, Sampere has delivered a unique, but familiar feel to these characters making it feel like a direct sequel to the work of legendary artist George Perez, but making it all his own at the same time. As the series has gone on, you can see the transformation of Sampere’s art unfold right before your eyes as issue by issue, the characters and worlds have become more defined and detailed as Sampere finds his groove and delivers what is just a beautiful visual in this final issue. I would highly recommend keeping an eye out for what Sampere does next because he was already a pretty good artist, but with this series he has proven himself to be great and will only continue to elevate his work from here. 

Overall, Dark Crisis #7 continues to be a celebration of the DC Universe past and present with an exciting action packed finale that stays grounded and exciting, brought to life by an art team that has really found their niche and delivers one of their best works to date. An exciting conclusion to what’s been one of the best Crisis event style books in recent DC history.

Dark Crisis #7 is available now at your local comic book store or via digital format from your preferred digital comics retailer. 
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-Wes Greer


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