Batman #112 Review

by Wes Greer on September 09, 2021

Writer – James Tynion IV
Art – Jorge Jimenez
Colors – Tomeu Morey
Letters – Clayton Cowles
Publisher – DC Comics

Fear State is in full swing now that Batman Fear State Aloha #1 has been released and Batman #112 is the first issue in the main title post the one shot issue. Even though I felt Fear State Aloha was a bit of a let down and didn’t move the story forward, at all, Batman #112 picks up the slack a bit and finally gives readers something to be excited about.

Batman #112 grabs the readers attention right away with the story opening as Batman troes to navigate his way back to the Clock Tower after being positioned by the Scare Crow and finally getting away from him after the last few issues have gone back and forth between the periods of Batman being captured and the past events that led up to it. This issue finally sees the story move forward beyond that point and Tynion does a great job with the pacing of the story in this issue, not jumping forward to quickly but also not dragging the events on like we have seen in previous issues. Tynion also digs deeper into his tool box of horror for this issue, and we see Batman tormented in his own thoughts as the story progresses and he can’t trust his own brain. There are a few instances in the issue where it drags a little, mostly due to excessive dialogue with Simon Saint but these instances don’t last long and are easily forgives me due to the events that follow that are more filled with suspense. 

The art of the issue is another solid addition to the series with artist Jorge Jimenez delivering another stunning body of work which readers have all come to love and expect from Jimenez as he continues to excel and raise his own bar. At this point in the series, you can really see that Jimenez has really found his niche for the stylings of this book and the level of line work and character designs far exceed anything he has done previously. Jimenez’s Art just continues to wow me and I don’t think we’ve seen his max porential yet, even with how incredible it is today.

Batman #112 is available now at your local comic shop so make sure you pick your copy up today and let us know what you thought about this issue by leaving a comment below!

-Wes Greer 

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