That Texas Blood #9 Review

by Wes Greer on August 25, 2021

Writer – Chris Condon
Art – Jacob Phillips
Colors – Jacob Phillips 
Letters – Jacob Phillips
Publisher – Jacob… Image Comics

“Sometimes an inkling is all it takes when the smell on yer nose is kidnappin’ and murder;”

That Texas Blood returns today with issue #9 which is another nail biter as writer, Chris Condon progresses a mystery tale which is narrated by current Sheriff, Joe Bob as he relives events of his past that give readers a look at his early career as well as shedding a light on the dark past of Ambrose County.

The issue begins by taking readers back to the investigation led by the sheriffs office with the help of Eversaul, who has a hunch about the whereabouts of a missing girl. The story bounces back and forth between current day and the past while Sheriff Joe Bob tells the story of Sheriff Sam and Eversaul, leading up to the events that would eventually lead to him becoming the Sheriff of Ambrose County. Condon does a brilliant job with the stories pacing and progression as he takes readers back and forth, giving just enough to keep readers on the hook wanting to learn more and more as the mystery unravels. One of the only negative things I have to say about this issue is that I wanted it to be longer. Condon keeps readers engaged throughout the entire issue and brings the story to a “GOT EM’” moment and then ends it right on a cliffhanger, which is just as genius as it is infuriating! While there is not a whole lot that happens story wise in this issue and it’s used more as a filler, Condon makes it worthy of being a full chapter that delivers all the excitement and intrigue we’ve come to expect from this series.

It’s hard to review the set of this series because as each issue comes out, Jacob Phillips continues to raise his own bar which was already set pretty high in the very first issue. Issue after issue, Phillips continues to really find his artistic voice and delivers more and more to the series. From fine tuning his character designs, to bringing more realistic tones and details to the label work, to bringing emotions to life through his color work, Philips just continues to shine and give his all as he grows as an artist and really making his name known in the comic industry. There are parts of this issue with very little to no dialogue and the reader is left to rely on the art to carry those parts of the story and Phillips delivers on every page, leaving very little to the readers imagination due to his sheer attention to detail. Just another shining example of how incredible of an artist Philips is as he continues to grow and shape Ambrose County and it’s sea of colorful characters bringing realistic tones to life through his work.

Overall, That Texas Blood #9 doesn’t have a lot going on but Chris Condon makes a little into a lot by delivering an engaging story that keeps readers on the hook and delivers the “Ah Ha” moment readers have been waiting for in this arc with Jacob Philips delivering another stunning body of work that at times is used to carry the story on its own, bringing the emotion of it all to life before the readers eyes.

That Texas Blood #9 is available now at your local comic shop as well as digital format through your preferred digital retailer.

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-Wes Greer  


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