King Spawn #1 Review

by Wes Greer on August 24, 2021

Writer – Sean Lewis & Todd McFarlane
Art – Javier Fernandez
Colors – FCO Plascencia
Inks – Adelso Corona & Daniel Henriques
Publisher- Image Comics

The King is finally here, well King Spawn #1 is here anyway. Earlier this year, Spawn creator, Todd McFarlane announced his plans to expand Spawn into a larger universe dubbed “Spawn’s Universe” in which he would be adding 3 new ongoing Spawn titles that would be kicked off with a one shot special also titled, Spawn’s Universe. The first ongoing title, King Spawn is now here and McFarlane has brought on an A list team of creators to help start the expanding universe and King Spawn #1 does not disappoint! The issue contains the main King Spawn story as well as a few shorter stories which are used to help set the stage for the future expansions but for this review, I’ll only be focusing on the main story as that’s what will be the ongoing story for this new series.

For King Spawn, McFarlane has mapped out the world, but brings in writer Sean Lewis to steer the ship. Lewis is an Image Comics Alum, having written the hit series Thumbs as well as the new series Bliss, as well as Coyotes, all of which have become successful and popular series that resonated enough with McFarlane to hand Lewis the keys to the kingdom. King Spawn #1 starts off with a literal bang, with Lewis wasting no time setting the excitement and pacing of the story, showing readers what they can expect right off rip, in true Spawn fashion. The issue revolves around the Spawn we all know and love, Al Simmons and the rest of his crew that we’ve met through the main Spawn title. Lewis takes readers on a dark mystery story, almost of a detective like nature but adding elements of demons and angels that takes readers along on a very dark and twisted thrill ride. Lewis does an excellent job keeping the pacing up tempo and gives just enough information to keep readers intrigued while keeping them guessing at the same time. The story has a bit of narroratiin throughout, which is a classic McFarlane story telling device but most of the story is told through character dialogue that sets the tone of each character so new readers who may not be familiar with them can get a sense of who these characters are. While the story is engaging and exciting, one of the only issues I had is that there should have been a bit more introduction in a first issue. The story feels a little shorted and I wish they would have used some of the extended pages to deliver more of the main story instead of using it to set up more future stories that are going to exist outside of this series. They would have been better used in either the original one shot or should have been used in the main title so that this series could really dig deep and plant its roots for readers. Other than coming up a little short introductory wise, Lewis delivers a solid first issue story that engages readers and leaves them excited and intrigued and wanting to pick up the next issue to find out more about this mystery and the arrival of the new King Spawn.

For the art of this issue, McFarlane brings Javier Fernandez on board who has recently done work for a lot of different DC books from Batman, to Dark  hits Metal. An artist who has really proven himself to be an exceptional talent who can work in the light of Superhero comics, to the darkest depths of them as well, which makes a perfect candidate to work on a Spawn book. For this issue, Fernandez delivers again, playing in a new world but making it look like he has been doing it for years. His line work is stunning and he brings the Spawn world to life by delivering the quality we have all come to love but by adding his own touch to the character designs and the Spawn world which helps set him apart from previous artists but delivers a phenomenal visual experience for readers. The inks on top excell the pencils even more, really bringing Fernandez’s pencils to life and the colors are the cherry on the cake, helping bring the emotion of it all to life from a visual standpoint. This team of artists really blend together in the best way helping to create an all new and enjoyable world to life but staying to true to the previous works that readers have come to know and love.

Overall, the main King Spawn #1 story is an exciting and dark mystery story by Sean Lewis that reflects the characters past, but takes readers on a new and exciting journey that we haven’t been down before with a top notch art team that brings the story to life with beautiful character and world designs by Javier Fernandez bringing his talent over to the world of Spawn.

King Spawn #1 is available now at your local comic book store as well as digital format which you can buy from your preferred digital retailer.
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-Wes Greer   

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