Batman #109 Review

by Wes Greer on June 01, 2021

Writer – James Tynion IV
Art – Jorge Jimenez
Colors – Tomeu Morey
Letters – Clayton Cowles 
Publisher – DC Comics

A new month means a new issue of Batman and ever since the return of the series after Future State, I’ve actually been excited when this title returns, which wasn’t the case late last year. The pacing and story telling of this series has really been on the up and up and you can tell that there is a lot more creative freedom in the series for writer James Tynion to really dig his heels in and deliver a new and exciting Gotham to the world that doesn’t have to much “corporate” oversight or control. Batman is fresh and overall fun again. 

Batman #109 opens with Bruce returning from his undercover stint with the Unsanity Collective and sees him suit up once again as the Dark Knight and getting caught up on what has happened in his absence with Oracle as he returns to his brownstone. This issue flows a little slower than previous issues but Tynion does a great job keeping the pacing and development at a steady incline throughout as this issue is used more as a informational piece to fill readers in on what’s been going on, as well as building up to what looks to be an exciting new story arc in, Batman Fear State Alpha. Even though it’s not the most exciting issue as of late, there is a lot of fun character exploration and Tynion gives readers a better insight to the character of Ghost Maker through some witty dialogue and some loose flirtation with one Harley Quinn who also opens up a bit in the issue and reveals a more human side of herself which I feel is a great way for readers to relate more to the character and make her and Ghost Maker more relatable as characters vs their basic comic alter egos. The issue ends in a pretty intense action sequence and when I was finished reading, my blood was pumping with excitement as a character we were introduced to in Future State makes his debut in the main continuity and his origin is revealed in real time. A solid story all around from Tynion that while not being as exciting or memorable, still makes for an enjoyable issue.

The art of the issue holds up to the level that we have all come to know with artist Jorge Jimenez delivering just flawless line art and inking and beautiful character designs. This issue also gives readers a look at some characters we’ve seen portrayed by other artists in the styling of Jimenez who just raises the bar every time and brings these characters to life in his signature styling that delivers so much more than you could ever ask for. Tomeu Morey adds to the overall perfection of the art, as always with his brilliant colors. Whether it be brilliant darks or vivid lights, Morey delivers on creating the overall emotional tone of this issue and proves himself one of the best colorists in the industry right now. I couldn’t imagine any other colorist working over Jimenez’s art. The lettering is all clean and sharp and easily read and makes for a fluid progression through the story. I especially think the little bags used in place of curse words is a fun little extra that you would only get from ClaytonCowles,

Overall, Batman #109 lacks a lot of excitement, but Tynion does a great job with the pacing and keeping the reader engaged as the story progresses and is used as a developmental issue for what looks to be an exciting blend of current story Mets Future State and the art team delivers another beautiful entry into the world with Jimenez’s stunning world and character designs brought to life by the brilliant colors of Tomeu Morey. A solid entry into the series that gives readers a deeper understanding of the world Tynion is building and a more personal look at its characters. 

Batman #109 is available now at your local comic shop as well as digital format from your preferred digital retailer. Let us know what you thought of the issue and where you think the story is going by leaving your comments below!

-Wes Greer 

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