Detective Comics #1032 Review

by Wes Greer on December 08, 2020

Writer – Peter J Tomasi
Pencils – Brad Walker
Inks – Andrew Hennessy
Colors – Dave McCaig
Publisher – DC Comics

Well, this is usually one of my favorite reviews to write twice a month but today I wrote it with a heavy heart. Just two days ago at CCXP, DC Comics announced that in March when their main titles return post Future State, Detective Comics will be bringing in a new creative team to the series. The new team consists of Writer Mariko Tomaki and artist Dan Mora. While the possibility of exciting new stories and visuals is undoubtedly there, Detective has been my favorite Batman comic out the last two years and that’s because of the incredible Peter Tomasi and series regular artists, Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy, Nathan Fairbairn, Brad Anderson, and new Colorist, Dave McCaig.  I understand DC likes to shake up creative teams from time to time to get new readers interested, but from what I’ve seen, there has been no shortcomings when it comes to the creative team currently behind Tec and I live by the old adage, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Unfortunately, I don’t have any say or control on this and I will of course continue to review the series and give it a chance as the transition occurs but it’s still a really tough blow. Luckily, we still have this new issue and one more before the change takes effect and this first issue is spectacular and exciting and  a great way to celebrate the teams farewell! 

Script – 

The story of this issue picks up immediately after the following issue as Hush has captured the members of the Bat-family while Batman himself is out on a mission to find Damian and reconcile their differences. If you’ve been reading this latest arc, you have seen the different elements at play recently and Peter Tomasi has done an excellent job weaving bits together and keeping the story at a steady build up to this issue where he delivers on most of what’s been laid out previously for readers and this issue is definitely the most exciting out of the three so far. I’ve always loved the dynamic Tomasi uses between Bruce and Damian and he continues to keep their relationship on the same, at ends but willing to come together for the greater good dynamic, which I know a lot of other writers do but I feel Tomasi keeps their relationship more realistic and human and  that appeals more to readers and is relatable. Tomasi’s delivery of Hush and his character also really feel the same of the original story written by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee and Tomasi does an excellent job making the two universes blend so it feels cohesive for the character. A lot of times when writers pick more celebrated villains from Batman’s rogue gallery, they tend to bend them to fit their story or needs and it makes the character  feel non- authentic but Tomasi delivers on Husb and even pushes him further in his darkness in this issue which is phenomenal overall. This issue stays at an exciting pace the entire time and leaves readers thrilled at the end and wanting to dive into the conclusion as soon as possible. Overall, a solid and exciting story from Tomasi that excites both long time and new readers of the Batman Universe and leaves us wanting more! 

Art –

Detective #1032 brings back series regular, Brad Walker on pencils and I couldn’t think of an issue more suited for the artists more dynamic and incredible talents. Over the last year, we’ve seen Walker’s takes on several of Batman’s key rogues and he always delivers a beautiful character design that feels timeless, yet modern, and with his own signature detailing thrown in which has made him a series favorite. Walker’s Batman design has also been celebrated for its overall aesthetic and this issue allows Walker to build even more upon his original design with Batman utilizing a lot of his toys from his arsenal, giving us the Detective in Detective Comics. This issue also sees a majority of the Bat-family, which we haven’t really seen in awhile and Walker is able to extend the best features of his Batman design over to the family that creates a cohesive look and really gives the feeling that they all are indeed a family, using like designs and detailing of their costumes. The best detail of course has to be the fact that all family members have white lenses in their masks and cowls instead of the usual open eye design, keeping with Walker’s timeless. yet modern approach to his character designs. The inking of the issue is done by long time Detective inker, Andrew Hennessy, who always delivers top quality ink that adds to Walker’s designs and makes them pop without going over the top and taking anything away from them. The two have really found their grove over time and the end result is usually almost flawless. For the colors, we get a new style and look as Dave McCaig steps in to add his talents to the issue as Brad and Nathan were unable to return. Sometimes, when a colorist comes on to a team that has been pretty well established, there is a bit of a disruption to the overall tone that the reader has become  accustom to but McCaig steps in and delivers a fresh new tone to the overall visual that looks incredible and flows with the story, selling the environment to the reader as they dive in panel by panel. Panels that occur at night have a beautiful blue – green tone that is broken up with various highlighting that gives a true feeling of nighttime  in a city and the lighter panels deliver the same emotion, delivering realistic tones with more vivid colors, but not washing the panels out by going overboard with highlights and keeping them balanced. Overall, the art team delivers a stunning visual that draws readers into the story, feeling like they are right alongside Batman and Damian, traveling the night skies of Gotham City.

Overall, this issue may be one of the best the team has delivered since Joker War and with an exciting story that keeps readers on their toes, flipping page by page and an art team that delivers a realistic feel and aesthetic, this is an issue you do not want to wait on!

Detective Comics #1032 is available today so make sure you pick up your copy and come back and let us know what you thought of the issue by leaving your comments below!

-Wes Greer

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