Dark Nights Death Metal #5 Review

by Wes Greer on November 18, 2020

Writer – Scott Snyder
Pencils – Greg Capullo
Inks – Jonathan Glapion
Colors – FCO Plascencia
Publisher – DC Comics 

It's hard to believe that we are already more than half way through Death Metal. After what felt like forever when the industry had to hit pause, time has really flown by since the eventual release of issue #1 and I would have to say most of that is because of the overall fun of the series as well as it’s one shot issues and tie ins. The main series is only going to be 7 issues but after you account for the one shots and tie in stories such as Justice League, this series has really become one of the biggest events to happen at DC that will continue after issue #7 is released with the recently announced DC Future State slate of books that are said to come out from the tail end of Death Metal. We are also going to see changes in other series as well at the publisher as a result of the effects of Death Metal so this series really has just become a behemoth but the way DC has done it has kept it fun and fresh and just so entertaining overall.

For the writing of Death Metal #5, Scott Snyder really opens up in this issue, not only setting a series of events in motion that will inevitably lead to the final events of the series, but also delivering some shocking revelations in this issue that really takes everything we thought we knew about these heroes and really flips all of that on it head. Snyder really delivers a lot in this issue but he is very smart in the way he delivers all of the information so as to not loose the reader by delivering so much at once and following up on each with a thorough explanation without dragging it on too long so the reader doesn’t get bored or lost. With this issue being one of the more eventful in the series, it really is an exciting read overall and as you turn page by page you are rewarded with more and more excitement that leaves you almost upset when you get to the last page because Snyder leaves it off on a really exciting cliff hanger that leaves the impression that this may be one of the biggest battles we’ve ever seen go down in the DC Universe.

The art of this issue really ramps up the excitement of Snyder’s script by bringing this incredibly eventful story to life visually in a way that can only be delivered by the art team of Capullo, Glapion, and Plascencia. Capullo delivers the same extraordinary character designs that we’ve seen throughout the series and also delivers some new and exciting ones that we haven’t seen before that really gives a readers an immersive sense of just how wild and crazy this universe really is. We get to a Castle Bat come to life in this issue as it comes together in the form of a giant Batman that is made out of an entire Gotham City! It’s truly just madness and I don’t think anyother artists out there would have been able to pull off something this huge the way that Capullo does in this issue. We then get the incredible work of Jonathan Glapion who inks all of Capullo’s pencils and really helps make the look of these characters fully immersive and in a sense, bring them to life. Glapion’s inks are always just stunning overall visually and he really has such a unique style that pairs perfect with Capullo’s and just creates something so special and different from anything else out there in the I dustry. The icing on top is the colors done by FCO Plascencia who makes the visual world complete by using vivid and beautiful colors that truly bring the world to life. There is a perfect blend of vivid colors and darks that are separated with brilliant highlights and tones that really create such a unique look that really has just been phenomenal.

Overall, Death Metal #5 is one of the most exciting issues so far in the series, with Snyder setting the tone for what’s to come in the final issues as well as delivering shocking revelations that amp up the reader. The art stays consistent with the beautiful overall aesthetic and adds to it by delivering some incredible new character designs that only this art team could deliver. Death Metal #5 is available today, so make sure you pick up a copy and get lost in one of the wildest rides we have ever seen from DC.

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-Wes Greer


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