Dark Nights Death Metal #4 Review

by Wes Greer on October 13, 2020

Writer – Scott Snyder
Pencils – Greg Capullo
Inks – Jonathan Glapion
Colors – FCO Plascencia
Letters – Tom Napolitano
Publisher – DC Comics

After a brief delay last month, Death Metal returns in full swing with issue #4. Last month we didn’t see a main title issue but we did get two one shots as well as two different Justice League Tie-In issues that expanded on the world a little more and gave us some key details and moments to help readers keep along with the events in the main series. AS entertaining and fun as those issues were, especially Speed Metal which I feel is one of the best Flash stories ever told as well as the best one shot, it is with open arms that we welcome the main series back!

With issue #4 of Death Metal, Scott Snyder really uses this issue to show readers where our group of heroes are currently in the world he has created, tying up loose ends from the three one shots that we have gotten in the last month or so. This issue focuses on three different key areas from the previous one shot and the story progresses with the events following keying in on Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Flash Trio. The story rotates around these characters and their different predicaments and Snyder gives a brief recap of each for readers who did not pick up the one shot issues, helping a little bit but not enough if you didn’t read them. One shot stories aside, Snyder does an excellent job with the progression of the different events as they move forward ultimately tying everyone back together in the end where Snyder does what he does best and makes it seem like doom and gloom for our heroes while setting up what we can expect to be a game changing next issue. One thing I love most about Snyder writing the Justice League characters is he always finds a way to give readers hope for them as they battle to the end and ultimately sets them up to lose over and over but also keys in on their strength to come together and not give up no matter what new evils they face. It really keeps me as a reader on my toes not knowing what is] going to happen to this team who just won’t quit. The story progression is smooth and keeps the reader interested as you go through page by page. There’s nothing too great here as this story mostly plays clean up which I feel is something that might have been better suited in one of the one shot issues, but overall its another exciting chapter into this story that sets up an exciting next issue with its corner stone ending.

The art of this issue is something that I as a review writer honestly hate having to review but in a good way. This artistic team is just one of the most elite in comics today and they have done so much together that they honestly just kill it on everything they do. Greg Capullos pencils and character designs are breathtaking as always and Jonathan Glapion has really keyed in on the best way to bring Capullo’s pencils to life and creating just an overall gorgeous aesthetic and feel that really “draws’ the reader into this insane world. FCO Plascencia then comes in with the cherry on ]top and lays down the most incredible and brilliant colors using vivid bright and brilliant highlights and shadows in the darks when needed, helping create that over all tone of the story. Tom Napolitano does a fantastic job as well with his lettering on this issue. There are several different characters in this one that all have their own special fonts and bubbles for their captions and Napolitano does a great job making them all unique to where you can associate the fonts with the characters and keeping them all clear and easy to read at the same time. I love this art team so much that I hate to have to review them every month because I’m running out of words to describe just how amazing their work is and the hours they put in trying to bring Snyder’s mad genius ideas to life!

Overall, Death Metal #4 is a clean up issue story wise with Snyder tying together the last few one shots that were released which feels like a waste almost with a main issue but he is able to clean it up and progress the story enough to make it worth the time and ending it on a note that will get the reader excited for what sure to be an exciting series of events moving forward. The art is brilliant and this art team only seems to raise their own bar higher and higher with their devotion and skills all working to improve one another’s work to create the ultimate aesthetic, bringing Snyder’s mad genius ideas to life.

Dark Nights Death Metal #4 is available today so make sure you pick it up from your local comic book shop. It is also available via digital download from your preferred digital retailer if you prefer to consume it that way.

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-Wes “Metal Slayer’ Greer

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