Dark Nights Death Metal #3 Review

by Wes Greer on August 11, 2020

Writer – Scott Snyder
Pencils – Greg Capullo
Inks – Jonathan Glapion
Colors – FCO Plascencia

Death Metal is the gift that does not stop giving and now here we are at issue number three already. This issue has been hyped ever since issue number two came out and readers were introduced to the Robin King. Fans automatically became intrigued by just the little bits that Scott Snyder offered and last weeks tie in issue, Legends of the Dark Knights #1 sold out before it even hit shelves and Death Metal number three followed selling out as well before hitting store shelves. Both issues are going to a second printing so if you missed either, you would still have a chance to pick one up soon.

Death Metal #1 pulls readers in right off rip with page one. Snyder starts this issue off with the gang having crash landed in Apokolips on a quest to save Superman/ The first page introduces us to a new set of evil Batmen and Snyder does a great job selecting the specific ones to hook readers from the beginning instead of just giving random filler batmen. After the opening sequence the story progresses through the issue and escalates more and more the deeper we read on and stays consistent in entertainment factor as well as what I have come to call the Snyder Bomb where Snyder introduces exciting bits of information that helps tie in all of the events. In this issue Snyder also introduces some characters we have been excited to see in Death Metal as well as gives The Robin King and the Darkest Knight their first real dialogues and interactions with the heroes and the way Snyder introduces the Robin King to Barry may be my most favorite character interaction of all time. As we learned in Legends of the Dark Knights #1, the Robin King has quite a disturbing past and Snyder raises the bar even more and really just makes him a vile and terrible being that you just love to see at the same time. This issue also sees the return of one of the most favorite characters from Snyder’s Justice League run and the reunion is very emotional and exciting with this character. The story ends in true Snyder fashion, leaving fans on the hook wanting more while delivering just enough to leave us satisfied for now. If you have been keeping up with the series, you have noticed the progression of the writing and the story and this issue really just tops everything else so far and Snyder really has outdone himself with this issue.

The art of the issue also raises the bar as we see some new character designs of evil Batmen blends and Greg Capullo delivers just incredible new designs for these Bat-blends of characters. Every panel sees a huge amount of detail as Capullo gives us an even more evil and sinister apokolips than we already know and does a fantastic job not only letting his visuals lead the story but make readers feel the story through all the details involved in this issue. Not only does Capullo up his game in this issue but Jonathan Glapion is able to really key in the designs and create some stunning inks and details that really make everything pop and come to life without taking anything away from the original pencils. Glapion seems to be able to really become one with Capullo’s work and it always blows my mind how in sync he can make the art look as if it was one artist doing it all. There may be no better pencil and ink team out there right now anywhere in comics. If that is not enough to sell you add the beautiful and vibrant color work of FCO and you got the perfect comic book which is what I would call this issue. Everything about the art scream Death Metal and makes you really feel like you’re reading a comic book music video.

Overall, Death Metal #3 is everything we could have asked for in this series. The writing is exciting and fast paced and hits on all of the readers emotions delivering an adrenaline filled story that keeps you turning the pages and stunning art that pops off the page and pleases the readers sense of imagination and enjoyment. Not only do I feel this is the best issue of this series so far, it may be one of the best from Snyder’s post Batman run at DC so far. Death Metal #3 is available today so make sure you hop in your Batmobeast and shred to your local comic shop and pick it up as soon as the doors open. Make sure you guys let me know what you thought of the issue and what you thought about the Robin King by leaving your comments below! -Wes Greer

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