Dark Nights Death Metal #1 Review

by Wes Greer on June 16, 2020

Writer – Scott Snyder
Pencils – Greg Capullo
Ink – Jonathan Glapion
Colors – FCO Plascencia
Letters – Tom Napolitano
Publisher – DC Comics

Well, its officially time for everyone to grab those old dusty guitars you made your parents buy you for Christmas and then never learned how to play. After what feels like the wait of the century, Dark Nights Death Metal is officially here. With everything going on right now in the world, it couldn’t be a better time either. This is exactly the story we need right now to inspire us and bring us together. As soon as this series was officially announced, fans went crazy and then everything got delayed but instead of getting bummed, we all just got even more excited as Scott Snyder announced they were using the time to go back through the story and  make sure it was as metal as possible. Then to get us more excited, Greg Capulklo kept feeding us images of his pencils and now with its arrival, I can tell you guys it was well worth the wait!

For the story of this issue I probably only need to type the name Scott Snyder, and everyone will know what I am talking about. Snyder wastes no time getting the reader hooked from page one and doesn’t let up at all. The issue starts of with Diana and Swamp Thing and their current situation in literal hell. Snyder uses this first issue to introduce readers into this new dark universe where the heroes of Snyder’s Justice league currently find themselves. The story really digs deep and plays off of the emotions felt previously in Justice league dealing with the aftermath of the league loss to Perpetua and we see how much that loss is still affecting the heroes. After being around the block so to say, we are also introduced to the batman Who Laughs and his current situation after being picked by Perpetua after the events of year of the Villain Hell Arisen. A lot of fans have complained about the character being a bit over used and Snyder even takes the opportunity with the character to poke fun at that. However you feel about the character, Snyder does a great job at reclaiming him and gives us an even darker yet smarter version of the character now that he has all the power he could ever need and makes all the stories he has been in worth it with the events that happen in this story. With the Batman Who Laughs in charge, you can guarantee that means that there are even more evil Batmen afoot and we are introduced to some of the most incredible and imaginative versions of the dark Knight we have ever seen. I mean we even get a Robot T0Rex that Bruce uploaded his conscience into before being killed un one universe. I don’t know any other writer who could have pulled something like that off, but Snyder does it and its honestly one of the best Batmen in the issue. Overall the writing is brilliant and not only tugs on our emotions, making us feel the pain these heroes are suffering from but he is also able to take us on one of the most exciting and fun rides of any story he has ever written and leaves us wanting more as soon as we get to that final panel.

Its been awhile since I have had to write a review on a book Greg Capullo was involved in and I forgot how hard it is to review his work. Capullo is in my opinion one of the best to ever work in the industry and this issue reminds us just how incredible he is. Capullo already holds the bar so high with his character designs but then you give him a world like death Metal, and it feels like the sky is the limit. Capullo takes his already incredible character designs and throws them in a blended with what feels like a Mad Max story and what we get is one of the most incredible books weve seen him do. Capullo takes the incredible characters and reall takes what is already a 10 and cranks it to 11. Not only has he upped the game with his grity and mad new character designs but he takes that a step further by creating the world around them and creating what feels as if it is the darkest and most metal world imaginaeable. On top of capullo, we also get the return of Jonathan Glapion who really just adds that much more grit to these characters and their world. With all the inkers out there, I have yet to see anyone who can accent Cappulo’s work in the same way. They are truly the perfect pair for bringing the imagination of Snyders story to life and Glapions talent really shines in this issue just making it feel even more metal. The fun doesn’t stop there though. When you do an encore, you have to bring the entire band back together so to put the icing on the cake we get the reurn of FCO Plascencia. Plascncia work speaks for itself and with this issue theres no exception. The coloring just gives that final touch of magic making us feel the darkness while keeping it fun and vivid at the same time. The colors almost feel as if those of a Nightmare but one that we don’t want to wake up from and that’s not something many colorists are able to pull off. The lettering of this issue is al very clean and clear as we have come to expect from Tom Napolitano. Even the tougher letters when the Batman Who Laughs speaks is easier to read then previous works with the character and all in all is a huge relief as I have had issues trying to read when the character speaks in the past. The entire art team behind this story really couldn’t have done a better job and even throughout all the years and stories they have done together, they still continue to excel and out do their own work.

I can honestly say that I have been so excited waiting for this story and now that I have finally had a chance to read it, I am even  ore excited to move forward with the story as well as the tie ins. I knew this story was going to be incredible, but I was not prepared for it to blow my mind the way it did. I can easily say this may be the best series to be released this year and there is no where to go from here but up. Dark Nights death Metal is available now and im telling you you want to be sure to be at your local shop before they even open to make sure you get a copy before they fly off the table. There are also so many incredible variants cover that youll want to make sure you can grab as many as possible. This issue is also available now via digitsl download. Make sure you guys let me know what you thought of the issue and what some of your favorite moments were down in the comment section below!

-Wes Greer

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