Undiscovered country #6 review

by Wes Greer on June 10, 2020

Writers – Scott Snyder, Charles Soule
Art – Giuseppe Camuncoli, Leonardo Marcello Grassi
Colors- Matt Wilson
Lettering – CRANK! 
Publisher – Image Comics

Well, it’s been a while since we last picked up a copy of Undiscovered Country since all comics were held so to the Covid 19 pandemic but man does it feel great to dive back into the madness. With the excitement building more and more as every issue comes out, it’s been a bummer having to hold on to see what was coming next but U.C. Is back in full swing now and we can get back into enjoying all the madness and ride along with the Chosen Ones in the brides up Unites States.

Undiscovered Country #6 sucks us right back into the story. Snyder and Soule wasted no time on this issue hooking the readers with an exciting and fun opening sequence where we see Pavel in action on the wall having some fun of his own. The story then goes on to build up even more excitement as the following sequences take us on a journey farther into excitement as the chosen ones meet a new gang of characters as they look for Daniel who has went on a mission looking for Uncle Sam whole the rest of the crew are being chased by the Destiny Man. Snyder and Soule do an incredible job with the story in this issue making sure to give us enough excitement to keep the us turning the pages while giving us more and more background into the events that lead up to the current predicament of the crew. Just when you think you e seen the craziest things in this story, the writing team too themselves giving is even more wild character developments as well as wild vehicles and creatures. This issue not only do we get to see a blimp come into play but we also get a space shuttle that appears along with it right in the opening of the book. I wish I could say we’ve seen it all but with this story I always see something new that tops the previous issue. Snyder and Soule keep the reader engaged and entertained this entire issue and as always, leave us wanting more when we get to the end as they answer some questions but leave us asking more as the events unfold and we learn more and more about not only the Destiny Man or Incle Sam, but the crew we have been following along with learning more about who they really are as not only their pasts are made clear but the choices they make that define them now. I just love everything about this story and how it continues to not only shock and terrify readers, but excited and entertains readers without slowing down or boring the reader. 

The art of this issue of course needs very little reviewing as we have come to know what to expect from Camuncoli and his ability to bring the twisted and exciting world to life but we also get some additional visual work from Leonardo Marcello Grassi who is able to not only make his work flow with that of Camuncoli but also give his own signature look and feel to the issue that just adds that much more of a wow factor to the overall tone of the story. Both artists are able to really sell the tones of the script and bring the excitement and terror alive with their eerie world designs and beautiful yet odd character designs. When looking at the visuals of this issue it really feels as if you are in a nightmare sequence that is further brought to life by the incredible color choices. Most of the colors used in this issue are flat tones and don’t have much lighting or effects and that usually creates a more tame kind of look in a comic but the way it is ised in this issue in combination with the art style just really brings the overall tone full circle and help sell the world and story even more. The color choices really give you that feeling of being in a nightmare or watching an older horro film but have that vivid and stunning look at the same time. The lettering of this issue is all very clean and sharp and very easily read with no issues or from the readers standpoint. Overall the art team was able to really create another stunning addition to an already incredible visual story and it just keeps getting better and better as every issue comes out.

I’m so excited to have this story back out and now we can continue reading it regularly and finding out what the creative team has in store for us in the future. I love that this story just keeps getting more and more wild and terrifying but keep us filled with excitement and wonder as time goes on. Undiscovered Country #6 hogs store shelves today and is also available via digital download . This issue is one you do not want to waste anymore timing getting I to so go pick it up ASAP! If you found anything in this issue especially exciting or have any questions about the story, feel free to let me know in the comment section below! 

-Wes Greer

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