DCeased Unkillables #3 Review

by Wes Greer on May 19, 2020

Writer – Tom Taylor 
Pencils – Karl Mostert
Ink – Trevor Scott, Neil Edwards, Karl Mostert
Colors – Rex Lokus 
Publisher – DC Comics

Well, after what feels like has been forever, Diamond is shipping out new books this week as well as the two new distributors that DC has partnered with and we are going to be having a lot of regular book releases again which just makes me so happy as I’m sure it does most of you guys. I can’t think of a better book to be released to celebrate the return of comics than DCeased Unkillables #3 either. We got the second issue right before the shutdown and fans have been waiting to see how this one was going to end and it’s been fun seeing everyone speculate online about who was going to make it and who was going to meet their demise. Don’t worry as we do not give out spoilers in our reviews so the secret will continue to be safe until you pick this one up for yourself but I will wane you to have a pack of tissues ready before you crack this one open!

Issue #2 left is off in the orphanage after Bane had met his demise at the hands of Mirror Master and that event spin our heroes (well villains) into utter chaos. This issue picks up right back into that chaos and does not let up the entire issue. After reviewing several books by Tom Taylor I always think I’m prepared for what he has in store for us but he still always finds a way to surprise me with his phenomenal writing. Taylor is one of the only writers I can think of who can take all these wild characters, all having different backgrounds that we would never think of seeing together and none the less rotting for them. Taylo really took the time to develop this group and blend them so beautifully and really give even the biggest bass in the DC universe a more human side and have the reader relating to them and pulling for them. Who else can take the worst of the worst, throw them in with a bunch of children, and Jim Gordon and have them all become a family? No one but Taylor himself! In this issue he keeps that emotional connection alive and really pulls on the readers heart strings as these selfish characters really become selfless and while exploring a deeper side of them, keeps us entertained with nonstop action and bloody thrills all the way until the end. One of the best written single issues of DCeased in my opinion so far and if I wasn’t excited about Dead Planet before, I sure as hell am all in now after reading this incredible issue!

When you have such a deep and wild script you want to make sure you have an incredible art team involved and DC recruiting Karl Mostert was the best call they could have made! The original DCeased series saw the talent of Trevor Hairsine whose world set the way for the series and set the bar high and Mostert came in to Unkillables and not only met the bar, but raised it again giving us everything he had and delivering some of the greatest designs and details we have ever seen in this series. Mostert went above and beyond with all his incredible designs and did not lack anywhere when it came into detail work and adding his own style to the story which all blends together to make a really terrifying yet beautiful visual story for our eyes. If you guys think what was printed is gruesome and wondering how that passed for a standard DC print I can assure you it wasn’t without edits and things having to be censored. I’ve had the privelage of speaking with Mostert about the designs and pencils for this series and he said that he really gave it his all but it had to be filled down a bit to make it more comic friendly which speaks so highly of his talent because what we do get to see is incredible as it is so I can’t even imagine how much more incredible the original pencils looked. It takes an amazing artist to be able to go in and censor their work and still give us an incredible visual treat. This issue also sees a serious team of inkers to make the pencils even more incredible bringing in not only Mostert himself, but also Neil Edwards and Trevor Scott. All three are able to make an incredible and coherent piece pop even that much more without making it so it looks like three different inkers worked on it. Everything flows the same and looks identical not taking anything away from the original art or being too much. If that wasn’t enough for you theu also brought in the super talented colorist Rex Lokus to add the finishing visual treat to this one and complete the perfection of the entire issue. Every panel is beautifully colored with no details left untouched. The colors used really help sell the emotions of the characters as well as the story and help make this story stand apart from anything else out there with it’s incredible color palette. You can tell this team was all on the same page and they brought everything they had to help make this final issue the best it could be!

It’s almost unfair to review this issue against other books coming out this week because it just has one of the best creative teams behind it but sometimes that’s just the way it goes in comics. I have had this issue preordered for almost two months now and my excitement is about to burst finally once I receive all three covers that I preordered this week. One of my favorite things about this series is that not only is the stock cover always fantastic with this issue being done by the amazing Flash artist Howard Porter, but DCeased always also has a variant done by Francesco Mattina who is just the elite of variants as well as a movie poster homage with this one being an homage to the poster of Suicide Squad. It’s just an all around fun series that has everything us fans look for in a comic book! Issue #3 is available today from shops who use DC’s new distributors or from digital providers or will be available tomorrow from shops who order through Diamond. However you plan on getting it, just make sure you do so ASAP because this is one you do not want to wait to crack open.

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