by Wes Greer on February 19, 2020

Writer – Tom Taylor
Art – Karl Mostert
Ink – Trevor Scott, Neil Edwards, John Livesay
Colors – Rex Lokus
Publisher – DC Comics

Well, it’s finally here! DCEASED is back and I could not be any more excited to bring you guys the first review of the series. Last year when the original series came out, I was not expecting much of it. I knew the story would be decent because Tom Taylor’s work in Injustice really caught my attention but I thought ok DC is just trying to compete with the Marvel Zombies line and this is just going to be DC characters as zombies in a off series that will be fun for 5 minutes and then fade away. Boy, I was so wrong. DCeased actually ended up being one of the best DC series to be published last year and Taylor really have the story his all by putting a lot of heart and emotion into the story which was something I was not expecting at all. Of course, as soon as Taylor and DC announced UNKILLABLES on twitter I was all over it and so excited for it and now that I have read the first issue, it has met every expectation I had except for one. I was really hoping that this story was going to be published under DC Black Label where it could have been giving a bit more violence and more adult dialogue which would really make this story even that much more awesome, but DC decided to publish it as a regular series which really kind of confuses me. I believe had it gone Black Label it could have opened even more doors, but with that said they still push the envelope and it’s still fantastic none the less. Also, UNKILLABLES is NOT a sequel to the original series. The timeline occurs during the original events but shows us what some of the DC villains were doing at the time while the heroes were all busy failing and dying.

From page one of this issue we are immediately hooked right back into the universe. It has all the familiar tones from the first series, but we are shown Deathstroke and what he is up too during the first days of the Anti-Life Matter infection of the world. The events that follow are just incredible and Taylor really pushes the envelope with what he’s allowed to pull off in a comic book and the result is amazing. Its action packed from the start and we do see a few familiar scenes from the original series but from different character views which really brings everything full circle. There are just so many incredible events in this issue from start to finish and you really get lost in the amazing writing of Taylor the entire time. Taylor gives us a lot of emotion and action and keeps us on our feet the entire issue and gives us all of the fun we had in the original series but makes it feel fresh and new by giving us a different point of view of the original events. All I have to say is Deathstroke and Nazi Zombies and already I know most of you are in from just those few words. Just an incredible all-around job in the writing of this book and when you get to the last page, you are ready to see what’s next.

The artwork in this issue see a new artist come on board. The original series was done by Trevor Hairsine who just did an absolutely amazing job bringing Taylor story to life where this new series brings in Karl Mostert who gives us a new and fresh look into the world that Taylor has created. I did notice right off rip that there was a vast difference in the art of this issue from the original and it did throw me off a little bit but not in a bad way. The art of this issue is a whole different style than the original, but still hold up as amazingly detailed and a lot of fun visually. The art pushes the envelope as much as it can, and I was actually surprised by the amount of detail the art team was able to show in this story. There were a couple of small things that I found in the art that kind of bugged me, particularly panels where Rose Wilson’s mask did not seem to look right and almost very cartoonish, and there is a panel where her mouth was a bit over colored and just looked awkward, but these were very minor flaws and the only that I could find in the entire issue. Everything else is up to par with this amazing series and the entire art team does a great job of making everything else flow beautifully together with no other over inking or loss of artwork and the lettering of the issue is all clear and easily read with zero issues. Overall a fantastic job by the art team. 

This issue really has everything I was looking for and more and was just a phenomenal read and very pleasing artwork to bring an amazing story to life. I am so excited and worried at the same time to see what’s to come in this series and that’s how I expect to feel when it comes to reading a story by Tom Taylor. The guy is not afraid to kill off the fan favorites and I feel that is always so much more fun when you’re reading a comic book because you never know who is next or when their time is up. I really value the writing style of Taylor and that’s why he has become one of my most favorite writers to read as of the last few years. He just knows how to keep the reader hooked and excited and I’m so glad he’s back to give us a new insight into a familiar story. 

DCeased UNKILLABLES #1 is available today so head to your Local Comic Shop or download it digitally direct from DC. This is an issue that many of us have been waiting for and it makes the wait worth it for sure! 

-Wes Greer 

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