Batman #83 Review

by Wes Greer on November 20, 2019

Writer – Tom King
Art – Mikel Janin
Colors  - Jordie Bellaire
Letters – Clayton Cowles
Publisher – DC Comics

After the last issue, I had high expectations for this one, and Tom King did not let me down.In the last issue, we finally had the showdown between Bruce Wayne and Bane and it was action packed the entire time. We saw the end of the fight when Bruce picked Bane up over his head to mimic the famous Knight-fall image where Bane breaks Batman’s back and we think it’s all about to be over when Thomas Wayne comes in and just shoots them both and leaves. I was left thinking, what the f&*# just happened? I expected this issue to more or less be the same, but boy was I wrong, but in a good way.

This issue really covers only one event, but it is an emotional and stunning addition to the story. Tom King really did an amazing job writing this story. It takes us on an emotional roller coaster and ties up some of the loose ends that occurred in issue seventy seven. The issue focuses on Bruce majority of the story, and King did an amazing job creating so much with so little. This issue really gives us a personal perspective of Bruce as Thomas attempts to tear him down and get him to finally give up and admit he is not the true  Batman. This issue really reminds us of why we love Batman in the first place. No matter what anyone tries to do to Bruce to tear him down, he always finds strength to carry on. King does an amazing job making us feel like this might be it for Bruce and then having him reminded of that inner strength and giving us that heck ya feeling that we haven’t gotten in awhile from him. One of the last panels in this issue has a close up of Bruce smirking and when I read the dialogue, I started smiling as well and got that excited feeling in my core and was pumped to see what is coming next. That is what I have wanted to see from King in this series and he finally delivered. Reminded me why I love Batman stories in the first place! King really deserves kudos for this and I’ll be the first to give it to him!

 Majority of this story takes place in a single location so you don’t expect much from the art work, but Mikel Janin is a mastermind when it comes to these types of books and really gives it his all. There is so much detail in everything he does and I love that in comics. His Batman character profiles are some of my all time favorite out of all the Batman artists out there today. I particularly love the way he draws Batman’s cowl and the characters silhouette. Janin also does a great job with Batman in this issue because he is not wearing a cape. A lot of artists don’t give Batman much depth when he isn’t wearing a cape but Janin’s design is beautiful and gives Batman a lot of bulk and fills in that space behind the cape with detail and depth and it looks fantastic. There are a lot of shadows and darks in this issue as well, and the art team did a great job of detailing the shadows and darks without hiding Janin’s details and they were very careful not to have the ink bleeding over or drowning out other parts of the artwork. Overall, all the panel work is smooth and has a consistent flow and adds to the drama of the story without taking it too far.

This issue really is just an amazing follow up to the last issue and it made me so happy to see King give s a different  style of story telling, but still keep us entertained and hooked just like we were in all the action of the last one. I know there have been ups and downs with Kings run, but he is truly one of the greatest to write the character and these last few issues are a great reminder of that. This issue is also a great Segway into the end of the series and will get you pumped to see what coming. King just did such an awesome job on the last page and reminds us why Batman is one of our favorite heroes. Batman issue issue 83 is available today so please do yourself a favor and pick this one up at your local comic shop the digital copy from your favorite on,Jen retailer.

-Wes Greer


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