Justice League #36 Review

by Wes Greer on November 20, 2019

Writer – Scott Snyder
Art -Francis Manapul & Howard Porter
Colors – Hi-Fi
Letters – Tom Napolitano
I have to start this review by just saying, WOW! Scott Snyder has been on such an amazing roll with Justice / Doom War. This story arc has literally been one of the greatest Justice League stories ever told. Last issue, my review talked about the current Year of the Villain campaign and how the last issue played right into that. Well, this issue easily puts Lex Luthor into the running for Villain of the Year against one of Snyder’s other works, the Batman Who Laughs. We’ve seen some elaborate schemes and plans hatched by Lex before, but Superman has always been able to harness the goodness from the people he fights for to draw strength to win. This story though, Lex has kept not only Superman in check, but the entire Justice League. Not  just one League either, but the Leagues across the multiverse as well. Having destroyed one of the 52 universes during last issue. With so much going on in this story and all these different characters, DC couldn’t have asked for a better writer.

Justice League 36 takes us back to the Hall of Justice where the League is scraping for whatever hope they have left. After getting their butts kicked last issue, there isn’t much more they can do right? WRONG! The League brainstorm together and figure out the way they have fought before will not work this time. To win this fight, they have to fight like they’ve never fought before and think outside the box. We also see the beginning of the end, and in true Batman fashion, he pulls out one last amazing trick he had planned for while building the Hall, and this is the most exciting panel in the whole issue on the very last page. Snyder, like the genius he is, gets us hooked at the end, and gets us ready for the final showdown between the League and the Legion of Doom and Lex Luthor. This is one of the most amazing issues in Snyder’s entire run, and now I understand why he has been so excited about it in his recent tweets and posts on social media. I tip my hat to you good sir!

With an epic story like this, you need the best artists you can get and the choice to go with Francis Manapul, who has been doing amazing work on Justice League and Howard Porter was an excellent choice to bring this story to life. Usually, I find issues when they bring in more then one artist. Batman Annual number four was a prime example because I felt like there was no steady flow or smooth transition between the artists. This issue however, you can tell Manapul and Porter were on the same page and created beautiful work that flows together seamlessly. This issue also has some really cool panel separations that intertwine, and are just stunning pieces that help sell the emotion of the story. Every character and background object is detailed to the highest quality and they missed no beats when it comes to character design and fluidity. Hi-Fi also has done another beautiful job bringing colors to these images and using the bright colors that attract the eye and make the images pop. All the i inks are very well maintained and I could find zero bleeding or over shadow that took away from any of the art. The creative team on Justice League lately have been on point and that is key to sell Snyder’s amazing story. 

If you enjoyed the last issue of Justice League, you just need to prepare yourself and get ready for a whirlwind of emotion and excitement. This issue is the final issue of the Justice / Doom War, and Snyder really pulled out all the stops to end this story arc in the best way possible! The art team also kills it again in this issue, bringing in an extra artist to help make it look its best and colors that pop and remind you of the golden age of Justice League. Justice League 36 is available today, so run, walk, drive, or fly into your local comic shop or buy it digitally from your favorite online retailer. You do not want to miss the end of this one!

-Wes Greer 


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