Gambit #4

by Vannary Sok on October 24, 2012

Cover to Gambit #4

Gambit #4 (Marvel)

The Team

Written by James Asmus
Penciled by Clay Mann with Leonard Kirk
Inked by Seth Mann with Leonard Kirk
Colored by Rachelle Rosenberg
Lettered by VC’s Cory Petit
Cover by Mann & Rosenberg


Gambit issue #4 continues where the previous issue ended - in Guatemala with our maestro heartbreaker and his ally, an attractive femme fatale (name still unknown but later revealed in the issue) who are both about to go face to face with monstrous beasts from a portal leading to another dimension.


Now, this issue was a fun one to read packed with tons of action. We start off seeing the duo fighting for their lives while attempting to close up the portal. Right away the reader is sucked into the action with a splash page of a big and nasty three headed hissing beast that looks like something the folks of Guatemala might worship. And it’s hot on the chase for Gambit and his sexy ally.  Although portals leading to other dimensions with harrowing creatures and landscapes isn’t all that new of an idea, it did allow for us to see Gambit make play of his mutant powers –with and without his shirt, making any girl swoon. I admit, I got all warm and fuzzy when Gambit took out the last monster with a classic move – a charged up playing card.


We see Gambit risk his life for another, albeit a pretty one who later reveals her name after rescuing her from almost being devoured. But is she telling the truth? Then with a kiss and punch, she’s gone! We also see him doing what he does best outside of being an X-man – a thief. This later comes to bite him in the behind when Gambit is required to repay a debt. And NOW.


The artwork by the combined efforts of Clay and Seth Mann, Leonard Kirk and Rachelle Rosenberg reinforce the action that spreads on each page with lots of quick lines and electric blue. They also capture chaos and explosions well with a fearsome looking god beast and hues of red and yellow are used to capture the hell of a dimension that Gambit and his ally has entered.


All of the above helps make the series enjoyable, at least enough to keep my attention so far. It’s got action, a mysterious kick ass woman with unknown but attractive intentions, and heists. But even though it was packed with entertaining action and classic Lebeau moments, issue 4 felt really short and a quick end to the first arc of the series. More like filler to prepare us for something later. It’s still very much in its early stages, which still gives writer James Asmus lots of opportunity to bring out Gambit’s playfully charming character, mimicked in the feel of the comic book already.


Gambit has always been a fan favorite from the x-men and I’m glad that he’s getting more comic book face time. Something about those eyes and that smile that you just can’t help but wonder what else is going on in that Cajun’s mind… looks like (and one can hope!) we’ll get that chance and more with this series.  Overall this issue was nice fun and I’ll definitely be sticking with it to find out where it goes from here.

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Good review. I always thought Gambit as a supporting character, but it's nice to say the character thrive a little bit.