Lady Killer #3 (of 5)

by Vannary Sok on March 03, 2015

Lady Killer #3
Writer(s): Joëlle Jones & Jamie S. Rich
Artist: Joëlle Jones
Colourist: Laura Allred
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Josie Schuller: loving wife, mother, and highly trained assassin. How far she’s willing to go as a killer is challenged and examined in issue three when she takes on her toughest mission yet.

We’ve seen some thrilling moments in the series so far but in this issue, writers Joelle Jones and Jamie S. Rich show us that they can take something thrilling and make it terrifying. The fear her target feels is incredibly palpable as Josie calmly pursues them. Jones and colourist Laura Allred feed into the fear incorporating carefully placed shadows deeply cast against cool colours. Different hues of blue and purple heighten how lonely and completely helpless her target is.  For a moment, we’re lost in this scary demonstration of Josie and before we can accuse her of truly being a killing machine lacking empathy, Jones and Rich illustrate that Josie is human. Finally, the pressure is pushing down on her heavily and its showing. Through Josie’s struggles to maintain her facades, Jones and Rich undertake the issues that women of the sixties faced and it’s clear they know what they’re writing about.

The eyes! Oh goodness Josie’s eyes. They are undeniably expressive. There are a lot of emotions flowing and quite a few panels that bring focus to Josie’s eyes to illustrate intensity of the scene. Like when Josie is confronted by her mother in law, a scene that shows more than what is read. Josie’s green eyes accentuated by bold black lines are cold and threatening in contrast to the words that she carefully speaks to shake off her mother in law’s suspicions. Allred takes a simple change of eye colour and makes it a powerful vision. What is normally green is now icy grey and especially piercing. Pair that with tight unmoving lips and you have yourself a perfect resting B face.

This is by far the strongest issue in terms of Josie’s characterization. Even her handler, Mr. Peck, shows signs of depth. My only negative afterthought is that while Josie obviously cares about her family, I unfortunately don’t share those same feelings yet. Her husband Gene and their twin girls have lacked the exposure that all the other characters are receiving. They don’t say much and when they do it’s only just pleasant simple things. Otherwise, with only two issues left to the series, it’s looking like the team of Joelle Jones, Jame S. Rich and Laura Allred will prove they can get the job done, just like their main lady Josie.

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Vannary Sok

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