Hawkeye #9

by TylerM on April 12, 2013

Lady troubles.


We've all had them them, but apparently we don't have them as bad as Clint Barton, also known as Hawkeye (or Hawkguy to some). In this month's issue, Matt Fraction and David Aja leave some impending meat and potatoes gang warfare on the back burner for now, in exchange for some spicier fare: the ladies.


Unfortunately, like some people, Clint Barton cannot handle the heat. Poor Clint has to deal with three angry women with whom he has at least a quasi-romantic past (who are all dressed in suspiciously retro 1960s clothes) and Kate Bishop, dressed in normal 2010s attire.


I think Clint would rather handle the Russians.


I'm not quite sure if there is a reason for the 1960s style of dress. It certainly looks great, but Spider-Woman, Black Widow and Mockingbird don't exactly strike me as fashionistas keeping up with the coolest retro looks. I've got a sneaking suspicion that Aja just really likes 60s It-Girl style.


As glad as I am to see Aja back on art for this book, the relatively action-free tone of this issue doesn't showcase Aja's talents. Aja excels at conveying motion in his art, and there wasn't a lot of that going on this month.


There's usually a fair amount of action going on in Hawkeye, but it didn't happen in this issue. Clint's battles are definitely less of the punching, kicking and bowstring-pulling variety and more of the wordsmithing and heartstring-pulling variety.


That doesn't mean Fraction is slacking off though. Much like Daredevil, Hawkeye is only masquerading as a super-hero book. It's really about Clint and some of the more human difficulties he faces.


Granted, he has to occasionally put on a costume and threaten mobsters while he deals with those problems, but there is a reason that almost no one calls him Hawkeye throughout the book.


He's Clint Barton, regular guy who happens to be an Avenger.


Of course, there are still some hints of nefarious Russian mob plans within the issue, so it doesn't feel like it's a total break from what's been going on in the book. It is definitely a nice little side-step away from the main plot, though.


I'm looking forward to the next installment and I can't wait to see the Russian mob violence go from the back burner to a full boil. This issue had too few “bros” in it and I actually missed them. I never thought I would miss them, but I did.


Oh Hawkeye. You try so hard to be my favorite Marvel book every month. You put up a valiant effort, too. Keep it up though, and you may knock Daredevil from the coveted number one spot.


I can only hope that when that day finally comes, I have a larger arsenal of cooking metaphors. Hopefully some that aren't so bland.

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