Wolverine and the X-men #23

by tskavlan on January 11, 2013


For a decent amount of time, Wolverine and the X-men has been among the best of the X titles Marvel publishes.  More than anything else in the X-men line, Jason Aaron' take on Wolverine and his new Jean Grey School has felt exactly like a comic about our favorite mutant team should.  It is funny, dramatic, and really delves into what the X-men are really all about:  the kids.  I have fallen heads over heels in love with the new paradigm Aaron has been exploring in this title.  We get new mutants, old favorites, and interactions that embody everything that is the X-men.  This issue wraps up the little circus interlude the title has been caught up in over the last few weeks.  While certainly not the strongest arc in the course of Wolverine and the X-men, it nevertheless highlights some of the things that make this a title worth picking up every month. 


I have always trumpeted Jason Aaron as one of the best writers in comics, and Wolverine and the X-men is a perfect showcase of just what the guy does best.  I don’t think there isn’t a style that Aaron hasn’t mastered.   He can do serious, funny, you name it.  He writes all of these characters with depth and passion.  But best of all, he writes the interpersonal relationships of students and the teachers with the kind of organic, real world dialogue and interaction that makes this comic a pleasure to read, no matter what situation the X-men find themselves in.


Wolverine and the X-men is far and away the top of the X-line right now.  It feels enough like a classic X-men comic to appease die hard old school fans, but has enough new, innovative content to draw in new uninitiated readers as well.  This issue, while not the greatest of the series, is a perfect example of why I love Wolverine and the X-men and why it is always worth a look.

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