Fairest #33

by Tori B. on January 07, 2015

And that wraps up another beloved series. With much sentimental value Fairest ends its series with a parting one-short story from everyone’s favourite villain, Goldilocks.
Writer: Bill Willingham
Artists: Meghan Hetrick & Andrew Dalhouse
Cover: Adam Hughes
Publisher: Vertigo
 We all knew it was coming, but that doesn’t make the finale any less meaningful. Though it’s not a story that emphasizes that it’s the end (there were no tears for this reviewer thank goodness), it still manages to wrap up the series in the same lighthearted manner that’s always been held throughout many of the Fairest stories and is certainly not your typical fairy tale.
Goldilocks is running out of places to run to so she decides to try her time up in the clouds, she just doesn’t end up being as fruitful as Jack was when he went up the giant beanstalk. In a way it’s refreshing to finish on the note that Goldilocks gives us, after thirty-plus issues of fair and beautiful princesses, we’re left with a snarky mouthed non-princess. Still a beautiful lady in her own right, and justified in her own eyes on her means of acquiring a princess-ship. But no matter how justified she seems to be, it’s not her story to be—she just can’t escape the bears!
It’s a quirky tale that takes not only Goldilocks but also the reader throughout the different cloud kingdoms, some of which are certainly more dangerous than others, and Goldilocks finds herself missing the mundy world. It’s a neat way to kind of wrap up a fun little romp once last time around the fantastical world that Fairest is and have just a touch of nostalgia as Goldilocks herself looks back at her adventures around.
The art as well is up to Fairest standards, the beautiful protagonist getting good panel time, soft splendid colours and there are definitely some amazing splash pages that stand out.
Goldilocks finds herself missing the mundy world, readers will find themselves missing these Fables. There’s still a couple more issues left of the series Fairest spun off of, Fables and as this issue mentions at the end, the story continues on their graphic novel, so it’s certainly not the end of the story, not really.

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