Edge of Spider-Verse #2 (Spider-Woman Gwen Stacy)

by Tori B. on September 17, 2014

Move over Peter Parker, there’s a multiverse of different Spider-Heroes out there, and this one just happens to have Gwen Stacy and she is a thousand times cooler than any other Spider-Hero ever.
Writer: Jason Latour
Artists: Robbie Rodriguez & Rico Renzi
Cover: Robbie Rodriguez
Publisher: Marvel
 Gwen Stacy as Spider-Woman is one of the best ideas Marvel has had this year, and if I can convince everyone to go out to their LCS and grab a copy so the numbers can turn this into an ongoing, my life will have been made.
From the beginning of this issue, Gwen is insta-cool, she the drummer of a ridiculously rad looking band called The Mary-Janes. Yes, that’s right MJ is a gorgeous lead singer of an all female rock band and they look so cool it almost hurts. And even from the first couple of pages, it’s clear that the art is absolutely perfect for the story that they’re telling. Rodriguez and Renzi have skillfully put a bright, colourful, rockstar vibe to the issue and it’s totally gripping and encapsulates who Gwen is as a character. Because here’s the thing about this Spider-Verse series—we’re going to other Spider-Worlds and for most of them, we kind of have an idea of what that world is like (with Spider-Man Noir) for example. But this universe, this universe is brand new so we’re getting Spider-Gwen 101 in a matter of pages and for the reader to be convinced of her character and sympathize with her story in such a short period, is no small feat. But Latour accomplishes that, of course with the help of the rest of creative team of Rodriguez and Renzi.
Gwen’s out of high school, trying to find out what she should do with her life—she knows that she loves music and that music is her life, but due to a unbelievable run in with a radioactive spider, there’s something more to her life than just the music.
Halfway through the issue, it’s easy to forget that this isn’t something that’s actually happening. It’s so easy to just believe in Gwen Stacy and get caught up in her world— there’s a lot of action sequences, Spider-Woman is always on the go, and it’s no wonder that one can get caught up in it, it doesn’t give a reader a chance to slow down, but why would they, this is their one issue and they have to make it count and they did.
There are some stunning character choices made for this universe. The idea of Peter Parker as Lizard is amazing, it’s already been established that MJ is the coolest rockstar you’ll ever come across, and there’s even a guest appearance from everyone’s favourite attorney (though whether this universe serves to favour him is up for debate). And that’s the best part, because we know so little about it, every plot device given, is new and exciting.
Exciting is probably the best word to describe this issue. As previously mentioned its smooth action is gripping, but the character dynamics are also compelling. We all know who Gwen Stacy is, but this Gwen Stacy is much more multi-faceted and dynamic and it’s impossible to not want to see what she does next.

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