Damsels In Excess #2

by Tori B. on August 28, 2014

Princess Bethany has just been sentenced to death. What follows next is a show of true character, which princess condemns her and which run to her aid. It’s a story of solidarity, girl power, friendship, and being badass while looking flawless.
Writer: Vince Hernandez
Artists: Mirka Andolfo, Simone di Meo, & MAD5 Factory
Cover: Mirka Andolfo
Publisher: Aspen
While the first issue could have easily been a fluke, impressing audiences with its fabulous damsels as they parade around a great legend about an evil queen, Damsels in Excess actually manages to pull through, showing a lot of heart in what could easily be bunked as a lighter story in the comics medium.
There are a couple of stories being told, the main one still being centered around Bethany who was previously condemned to death due to her lineage—her mother being the very cause of the fact that no men currently existing in their world, but every few pages in, readers will also catch a glimpse into the very Queen who deemed the male race inherently undeserving of the world.
This issue does a spectacular job of gaining a reader’s sympathy, but it also leaves an option to choose otherwise if desired (only for the heartless). As Bethany receives her sentence, few choose to protect her life, while the others are quick to follow law. Both sides of the issue are shown, and while naturally the narrative hopes to have you cheering more so for Bethany, Damsels strongest point is in its diverse characters so choosing another side because one identifies more with their character is still viable.
To go along with their strong characters, in this issue, we also get better glimpses of who these princesses are, with some backstory from when they were young girls, and what their friendship looked like then as opposed to know, and let me tell you, it’s super adorable. How can someone not love tiny little princesses who look out for each other. It’s incredibly ‘girl power’. Girls sticking up for another, girls standing up for what they believe in, girls kicking butt, girls not really sure where they stand yet, and all the while, girls looking fierce and fabulous.
Let me tell you, this issue is also an incredible delight to the eyes, giving better full body glimpses at the dresses. Every single outfit shown is absolutely fantastic (even the guards look fabulous) and what I wouldn’t do to have a closet of it all. But of course the best is saved for the one who started it all. Trust me, her outfit as she reaches the apex of her story for the issue is absolutely killer. You’ll know when you see it.
There are so many reasons to pick up Damsels in Excess. Diverse characters, girl power, kick butt action, and a fashion frenzy. I don’t think I can talk up this series enough.

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