Original Sin #3

by Tori B. on June 05, 2014

Well it certainly can be said that Original Sin is keeping readers on their toes. The Watcher’s killer may or may not have been revealed and secrecy takes on a whole new level if that’s even possible.
Writer: Jason Aaron
Artists: Mike Deodato & Frank Martin
Cover: Julian Totino Tedesco
Publisher: Marvel
You’d think three issues into an event, you can kind of get a feel as to whether it’s going in the right direction or in a way off tangent that you’re just going to ignore as long as possible because that’s not how your superhero universe is going to go. With Original Sin, it’s hard to pinpoint yet which direction it might just take. It’s interesting no doubt, there’s a huge air of mystery that holds readers in their suspense and pushes them forward through the “plot”, but for all it’s secrecy and bravado, it might just be holding back too much information.
At this point there was some hope for some bigger revelations as to where the story was going to be taking readers and the possible reveal at the end of the issue didn’t feel gratifying in the least, much like the reveals of earlier characters like The Orb and Exterminatrix. Not to dissuade from the idea that the story is boring, far from it, its intrigue makes up anything it might lack because what it does is hold a reader in. For how long, is up to the reader depending on how long they’re willing to wait for a particular twist of plot. And Original Sin is in no shortage of twists.
What has yet to be determined is whether the twists are laced with subtle hints or have too little information to go on that an active imagination can jump to any conclusion. By the time the end of the issue comes around, it’s both satisfactory because it’s a predictable but crazy reveal, but also insufficient all the same. For as much gravitas that Original Sin seems to be holding, it doesn’t pull out all its punches for its cliffhangers. There’s no major urgency to dive into the next issus; there’s still a want to read it, but the zeal has been lost.
Thankfully it’s more than made up for by Deodato’s brilliantly grim artwork along with Martin’s poignant colours, and while one might be less than blown away by the issue’s plot end, we can all appreciate how awesome it looked nonetheless.
It’s a bit of a long issue with a lot of dancing around the same central ideas that we’ve had since the first issue, with mysterious bosses, and the effects of secrets on not only the Avenger’s ability to function but even of the Mindless who lived in ignorance prior. If anything the desire to continue on stems from a curiosity for answers to questions readers have now been left with, and also for Deodato’s on point artwork.
The pacing and plot isn’t perfect and certainly seems slower than other events, but for all we know it’s all about to blow up in out faces. Only time will tell.

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