by Tori B. on September 19, 2013

Red Rose finally has Brandish in her clutches, but is she out to seek revenge as her sister Snow White would, or does she have something up her sleeves, and how does it relate to her new Knights of the Round Table act?
Writer: Bill Willingham | Artists: Mark Buckingham, Steve Leialoha, Andrew Pepoy, & Lee Loughridge
Cover: Arthur Adams & Peter Steigerwald | Publisher: Vertigo
Three parts into the Camelot arc and everything starts to fall into a place a little more than when it started. The story slips into a more cohesive plot where Brandish is now in the clutches of Red Rose. She gives him two options, neither of which is particularly to his liking, but one is certainly better than the other. Of course, nothing is ever that simple as Snow appears just in time to complicate things for Rose. Rose has to make a tough decision between a newly regained family and her better purpose of being a paladin of hope.
Rose Red’s call for knights finally shows its calling and what she’s up to is all about second chances—the direction that she needs to take. As Mr. Brump gets an offer to join the knighthood, he’s overcome with emotion and a little messenger bird sheds some light that everyone deserves a second chance and it’s all very touching before seguing back to Rose who’s trying to convince her sister of the same, but Snow White is clouded with grief and refuses to see it. What’s nice to take notice of is the character growth, it doesn’t seem like a lot, but these women have been through so much and while they still hold on to their voice, they’re constantly changing, always evolving and that’s nice to see in a series. Plus we get to see some of Snow White’s classic fable (evil stepmother, living with dwarves) come through in a flashback, with the Fables twist that makes the series as unique as it is.
The sepia tones of the flashback are expertly done without appearing to be gimmicky, and reflects the strong art. Snow White especially looks flawless in every panel. Her backstory explains why Snow is as cold hearted as she is, yet opens her up in a way that also shows her to be compassionate—yet still not always so (characters, you’re doing it right).
So far only Bo Peep and Reynard have showed up to the round table, which is an interesting start to what Rose has in mind, and it’ll be exciting to witness who else decides to show and what they’ll be doing. Rose Red has big plans for some of the biggest and irredeemable scumbags to try and make them undeserving of, oh let’s say a sister’s cold wrath, or something similar. It’s not going to be easy, and she’s certainly not making it easy for herself either. It looks like both sisters have some difficult times ahead of them. The Camelot arc tugs at heartstrings just enough to get a reader to feel but doesn’t feel overly dramatic and overdone while also taking the story to some very interesting places.

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