Wonder Woman #23

by Tori B. on August 24, 2013

Diana has a serious battle to fight, one with the First Born, and as it turns out there’s some other moral battles she’s about to face as well.
Writer: Brian Azzarello | Artists: Cliff Chiang & Matthew Wilson
Cover: Cliff Chiang | Publisher: DC
 Issues like this are truly what bring a reader like me back into Wonder Woman. Not that I ever left, but it’s an excitement that’s renewed with intense fervor and for the umpteenth time, we’re reminded what kind of force we’re dealing with when it comes to Wonder Woman.
There’s this constant theme of family that’s been woven into the series and this issue is no different, but as certain turns happen within the story, that theme is pulled in full force in a strong and moving way. Almost as strong and moving as the Amazon herself who opens the issue with some great action sequences. Not to be outdone though, War himself has some tricks up his sleeves. And naturally it also comes with wisdom and a sweet compliment to his “Little One” which only makes what’s in store for them all the more emotionally moving.
It shouldn’t be a surprise that I love action packed issues and this one definitely packs a lot of good punches, and not just from Wonder Woman, everyone gets a moment of heroism, in fact, Hera and Zola both fighting over who was protecting whom.
The big moment comes though when Diana in a moment of pure rage and hatred, bent on vengeance has to decide whether to unleash all that potential at the cost of her own self control or does she choose to be better than that. Here’s the awesome thing that Azzarello does, is he gives us both versions of Diana, of Wonder Woman, and both are terrifying, the one who’s so incredibly powerful and has little control, and one who’s in control and makes the tough decisions for a greater purpose. Terrifying, but in a totally enrapturing way.
A lot of this exciting story telling was also due to the talents of Cliff Chiang whose artwork graced the entire issue and not just for some pages. For an issue as high packed as this one, the flow of just one artist (and an incredibly talented one at that) really improves the story telling. And naturally Wilson’s colours complimented everything perfectly giving everything the perfect tie-together for a solid issue in all.
Without spoiling anything, Diana’s actions have taken a turn that will lead her on a new chapter of her life and may prove to change her destiny in the world. What happens next is definitely going to be interesting.

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