Hunger #1

by Tori B. on July 24, 2013

For those who have no interest in either the Marvel Cosmos or the Ultimate Universe, Hunger is going to be the big game changer in that respect, with stunning artwork and a young Rick Jones to win a reader over.
Writer: Joshua Hale Fialkov | Artists: Leonard Kirk & Jesus Abertov
Cover: Adi Granov | Publisher: Marvel
 The work that Marvel is doing within the Ultimate Universe is not getting nearly the attention it deserves with extremely interesting takes on characters that readers are already familiar with and taking them and pushing them in ways that are new and while wouldn’t be able to be done in the regular 616 Universe, the option for it to all play out, happens in the Ultimate Universe.
The aftermath of Age of Ultron has now entered the Ultimate Universe and with the total destruction of the time stream, Galactus is making his way into the Ultimate Universe, which certainly doesn’t bode well for the universe. Our main hero a young Rick Jones leads us in the narrative which keeps the dialogue entertaining, easy to follow along, for those who are less familiar with his story, and balances out the pedantic nature of the other cosmic beings (as is the nature of cosmic beings in general). Having Rick banter with the Watcher is rather entertaining within itself. 
Hunger takes us into the cosmos of the Ultimate Universe, which seems like a combination of the two aspects within Marvel that despite fairly consistent quality doesn’t get enough attention as its superheroes on Earth counterpart. But it’s just exploded in quality. As Fialkov mentions in his letter at the end, this is the book Kirk was meant to draw. There are some outstanding pages of gorgeous art that are simply breathtaking and only enhanced by Abertov’s bold colours. 
It’s the first issue of a four part series so it’s a slow build up to Galactus’ appearance but the beginning still holds an impressive quality that just increases as the story builds up closer to the apex. It’s a great introduction of sorts as readers first get a feel of Ultimate Rick Jones and what he’s like, his purpose, and how he plays into the story. Then it ventures more into the cosmos with impressive scenery, good action sequences and a display of Rick’s powers, which is rather impressive to say the least, and then of course Galactus’ appearance is nothing short of extraordinary.
Everything about this issue is enrapturing and is a decent jumping in point for any reader even if unfamiliar with Galactus or Marvel’s Ultimate Universe and will be sure to drag new readers into the Ultimate Universe and keep current readers excited about it. The Ultimate Universe is changing in a big way, and Hunger is the epic way to witness it firsthand as it happens.

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This was awesome!  If the Ultimate universe has to go out, I want it to go out in a crazy big fight.

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