Young Avengers #6

by Tori B. on June 27, 2013

Taking a break from our latest band of young heroes in Gillen’s Young Avengers, this issue is a small look at what a couple of other young heroes have been doing since their own “retirement” from the hero biz. It’s also a break from the usual art of McKelvie and we’re looking at the work of Kate Brown instead.
Writer: Kieron Gillen | Artists: Kate Brown
Cover: Jamie McKelvie & Matthew Wilson | Publisher: Marvel
Young Avengers has been pretty fun so far and the cast ensemble works in their quirky ways, but for fans of our more neglected Young Avengers that haven’t made a comeback yet, this is a nice issue to take us back.
Many people questioned when the Young Avengers were returning and we saw Wiccan but no sign of his twin Speed. This is his debut appearance finally and he’s for once not shunted to the side in favour of more impressive characters. In fact, this issue focuses only on two characters Speed and Prodigy (formerly of X-Men status) and does so equally. Naturally there’s mention of the other Young Avengers—it’s kind of hard not to when your twin brother can manipulate reality and everyone knows who he is. The other mention is what brings a level of intrigue to the series that solidifies an idea that Gillen is finding a stronger voice in the series.
It’s the best part to come out of this issue, the surprisingly mature voice that arises when so far Young Avengers has had a younger, more mainstream voice. It’s funny, though not altogether surprising, that we find that voice coming from Tommy, known troublemaker, with little time for anything, as he reflects on his own gifts and what it means to be a hero and if it’s ever something you can every walk away from (at least he can find friendship in Prodigy who’s pretty much going through the same thing).
Maybe it’s not as lighthearted and fun as previous issues but for a series that’s more so of a coming of age tale, this is precisely the stuff I was hoping for and glad that it’s finally come. It looks like there’s another threat coming for them and it’s not undead parents (thank goodness).
Different story, different artist, but the match up goes well together. Would I have liked to see Speed in the stylings of McKelvie, sure, but Brown does a beautiful job as well with her soft lines and soft colours and detailed expressions on the faces. The paneling is still reminiscent of McKelvie and very active and fun so it still feels tied to the same series.
In the first issue of Young Avengers Gillen entices readers about how awesome it is to have powers and definitely the fun way of dealing with said powers is using them (preferably for good). Here we get to see the flip side of kids with powers not using them to their full potential and they’re miserable (the first couple pages of Prodigy taking on-call support work, you can feel his exasperation) and by then when a chance of doing something greater arises, it doesn’t really go as planned.
It’s the struggle of growing up and the struggle of having powers. Now told from two different ways. It’s not always going to be a fun ride for the Young Avengers and that’s what makes it a more compelling read.
( Also major props to bringing back Prodigy—I’m never one to deny more ex-X-Men to join the fray )

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